Drum Course

Sizzle the high hats and kick-start your own beat. Learn all the technique you’ll need to cut it in any session or on any stage in the world of rock and pop. Covering rock, blues, soul, jazz, funk, latin, pop and much more. Students get the chance to vastly broaden their musical repertoire. Emphasis on [...]

Ukulele Course

Four strings of happiness. An ideal introduction to developing stringed instrument technique in a contemporary music setting. Provide students with the opportunity to perform in duet or ensemble setting with wide repertoire from Folk songs to contemporary pop including Jason Mraz, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift. Earn a globally recognised qualification with Rockschool Ukulele Exam (From [...]

Music Theory Course

The foundation of a well-rounded musician. Popular Music Theory An alternative to becoming a well rounded musician and deepening your understanding of music for effective musical communications Introduces all band instruments and styles Rockschool Popular Music Theory Syllabus is written by music education specialist, it involves many diverse elements of a music that advances your [...]

Guitar Course

Your sheer playing aspiration. Classical Guitar A basis for all guitar learners to develop a foundation for techniques using an ever-expanding repertoire. Integrated with music theory, musicianship that make solo or ensemble playing a sheer musical aspiration. Gain essential techniques ensuing excellent musical grounding for your pursuit of classical or contemporary pathway. Acoustic / Electric [...]

Violin Course

Body in mind – learn to play violin beautifully. CRISTOFORI violin course educates students to explore violin sound, from basic to advanced techniques that bring out the beautiful sounds from the most versatile instrument. Learn to play some of the best and most exciting repertoire for young violinists packed with lively original tunes, easy duets, [...]

Piano Course

A hallmark of piano learning for the new century. CRISTOFORI Music School has delivered the  most successful and highest number of lessons learnt by millions of piano students over 35 years. Explore your creativity and develop your skills from complete beginner to advanced level, at a pace that suits you. Cover every aspect of the [...]

Pre-School Music Academia

World’s most successful music methodologies, suggested by Singapore Ministry of Education: Kodaly, Orff, Dalcroze and Suzuki Methods are integrated in CRISTOFORI Pre-School Music Academia Course that nurture quality music learning in children. Premium music course for a strong start in every child CRISTOFORI Pre-School Music Academia consists of 4 levels (from 20 months to 6 [...]

Cajon Ensemble

This course is specially introduced to make Cajon as accessible to anyone who wish to create rhythm out from the box easily.


Drum Premium Course

Always air drumming to your favorite songs? Want to learn some songs and techniques in short period of time? Not so keen on notes reading?


Electric Guitar Course

With rockschool syllabus, you will learn all the fundamentals of electric guitar playing which include essential techniques.