Drum Premium Course


Always air drumming to your favorite songs? Want to learn some songs and techniques in short period of time? Not so keen on notes reading? This course is designed just for you.

“5 songs in 5 hours” is a one term course where you will learn the essential techniques of drumming and 5 popular songs specially arranged for you in only 5 hours (30mins x 10 lessons + 1 free lesson).

In the FREE lesson book, each song introduces a new drum part and/or a new technique while notation is accompanied with drum part drawings – no need to read notes! Each song is accompanied with 3 backing tracks (80%, 90% and 100% of the original tempo) for you to play at a comfortable speed.

Designed for the learner to boost confidence and interest in drums.

Class Administration

Age 5 and above
Course duration 11 weekly lessons  per term
Lesson duration 30 mins per session