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  • SUZUKI AG-10

    A popular,compact and affordable SUZUKI grand piano. Full resonant tone with expressive power and energy. Performed better, price ½ lower than other more expensive Japanese piano.

  • SUZUKI AG-20

    Superb Sound and excellent resonance, the AG-20 is a perfectly sized grand piano that is delightful to play.

  • SUZUKI AG-30

    High Performance combined with style, AU-30 offers a refined look in an elegant design . Expressive control, superb sound and the most natural touch.

    • Suzuki – World’s leading brand in music education.
    • Exam Model with international concert pitch A49: 440c.p.s
    • Performed Better, 1/2 the price of other more expensive Japanese Upright Piano
    • World advance Japanese Technology
    • World Class material
    • Sand Cast, CNC processed Iron Frame
    • Made in Germany Roslau strings
    • Hard maple, multi-laminated pin block
    • Japanese hammer head, Pure Wool

    Made in Japan, Hamamatsu