Pre-School Music Academia

World’s most successful music methodologies, suggested by Singapore Ministry of Education: Kodaly, Orff, Dalcroze and Suzuki Methods are integrated in CRISTOFORI Pre-School Music Academia Course that nurture quality music learning in children.

Premium music course for a strong start in every child

CRISTOFORI Pre-School Music Academia consists of 4 levels (from 20 months to 6 years old). This program is dedicated to the exploration of music through all aspects: singing, playing, moving, listening and creating.

CRISTOFORI Pre-School Music Academia aims to:

  • Develop each child’s natural enjoyment and understanding of music.
  • Encourage each child’s participation in a range of musical activities.
  • Develop each child’s full potential.

The framework for teaching and learning in the PMA

Levels Key Learning Elements Learning Goals
PMA 1: We LISTEN to Music Listen and Respond to Music Develop a sense of rhythm and language through rhythm, melody, pitch, timbre, experimenting by creating different sounds.
PMA 2: We LISTEN and SING Express Music with Body Personality and physical development through singing and musical activities.
PMA 3: We LISTEN, SING and PLAY (Instruments) Perform Music Develop social skills and concentration through performing as a group. Discover various instruments and identify their characteristics.
PMA 4: We LISTEN, SING, PLAY and MAKE MUSIC Create Music Play an instrument according to a suitable beat, style and composition. Enjoy music and creative expression through active music making.

Student can start the course at any level.

Age 20 months – 6 years old
Lesson Duration 60 minutes
School Term 9 or 10 lessons per term
School Terms follow MOE School Terms. No lesson on Public Holidays, MOE School holidays and CMS Holidays.
Recommended Age PMA 1: 20 months – 3 years old • PMA 2: 4 years old
PMA 3: 5 years old • PMA 4: 6 years
No prerequisite required to enroll at any PMA level. The age are for recommendation only.
School Fees $300 + GST per term
Certification* Students will be evaluated by London College of Music (LCM) Examiners to achieve certification at the end of PMA 4
Performances Pre-School Music Academia Annual Graduation Concert Day

*Exam fee applies.