The leading drum set for aspiring drummers

Product Description

The leading drum set for aspiring drummers
The ADS1C compact Drum Kit offers exceptional performance in a small configuration.It is light weight, easy pack and go combined with marvellous drum shell and durable hardware.5-piece compact drum kit inclusive of:

  • Hi-hat Cymbal with Stand
  • Crash Cymbal with Stand
  • Ride Cymbal with Stand
  • Cymbal Bag Inclusive of:
  • Drum Throne
  • Drum Sticks
  • Colour Available: Piano Black
  • High gloss finish


Bass Drum, Tom toms and snare features a 6-ply 7.2mm Birch for optimal tonal powerHardware
Cymbals, hi-hat and snare drum stands are strong with well balance tripod base, double-braced legs and new chrome matt locking system that can keep the kits in place under pressure of performance. All stands are dual-reinforced ,height and angle adjustable.
  • Bass Drum : 18”
  • Snare Drum : 13”
  • Tom Tom 1: 10”
  • Tom Tom 2 : 12”
  • Floor Tom : 14”
  • Cymbal Stand
  • Ho-Hat Stand
  • Snare Stand
  • Pedal
  • Throne
  • Cymbal (Tin Bronze) : 16” Brass Crash , 20” Brass Ride, 14” Hi-hat
  • Cymbal Bag
  • Sticks




The High Tech Silent Practice Pads

Play your drums and cymbals with feel, not volume. It is a perfect practice tool.

It greatly reduces the volume of your drum kit by up to 90% produced whilst still having a great feel and response.

The silencing pads can be easily mounted or removed from the snare head, tom heads, cymbals and bass.


  • Special sound absorbing mesh reduces volume by up to 90% so you can practice quietly.
  • Flanged metal hoop is ideal for rim shots and cross-sticking, just like a real drum.
  • Adjustable tensioning lets you control the response and feel for diverse styles of playing.

10”, 12”, 14”, 16” Snare / Tom
8” Bass
4 x Cymbal Mute Pads