Alhambra 11P Concert


Alhambra Concert Line
Hand-made using traditional methods and an excellent selection of all solid woods and other high-quality materials, these instruments are ideal for very advanced musicians. Excellent playability and a strong, beautiful tone with a rich variety of nuances are among the superior qualities to be found in the guitars of our Concert Line.

Product Description

Alhambra 11P​
The 11P’s fingerboard is longer: it goes over the sound hole in order to introduce an additional fret that is required for high graded players to play some musical pieces (compositions). There is also an additional green line in the binding and inlays. However, the most important is that the heel on the 11P is made of 5 different pieces while the other models have a single piece heel. The structure on the 11P is much stronger and surely this has an influence as well in terms of sound.

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TOP: ​​​Solid Red Cedar
SIDES & BACK: ​​Solid Indian Rosewood
NECK: ​​​Spanish Cedar Reinforced with Ebony
MACHINE HEADS:​Luxury Gold Plated

  • FREE Hardcase (Made in Italy)
  • 3 (THREE) Years Guarantee