Alhambra 5P Conservatory


Alhambra Conservatory Line
These mid-range guitars are ideal for intermediate-level musicians who wish to continue their guitar studies. The selection of excellent materials and the special care placed in each of their individual components make these instruments excellent “companions” for advanced students who need a good instrument to improve their technique and musicality.

Product Description

Alhambra 5P​
The soundboard – major influence on the guitar’s sound – consists of a thin piece of softwood that is supported by 7 braces. 2 harmonic bars at the bottom will enhance a full-bodied, warm and rich sound.

The important qualities of such woods include a close grain count and high stiffness to mass ratio (allows maximum output for the minimum input), resilience, light weight and resonance.
Beautifully hand-crafted in Spain, as every Alhambra guitar, with a lashy handmade inlaid wood Rosette proves all the attention from the Alhambra Guitar Makers.

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TOP: ​​​Solid Red Cedar
SIDES & BACK: ​​Indian Rosewood
NECK: ​​​Mahogany Reinforced with Ebony

  • FREE Hardcase (Made in Italy)
  • 3 (THREE) Years Guarantee