A Grand Piano in form of an Upright.

Product Description

A grand piano? An upright? The C.Bechstein Concert 8!

  • Height: 131cm, Upright Grand Piano
  • An upright piano with the sound, volume and feel of a concert grand
  • The power, transparency and presence of a grand piano
  • Probably the best upright piano in the world

A large, super-resilient soundboard
Finest spruce wood which grows slowly in the Alps; its crown is realized with the same technique used to produce the soundboards for C. Bechstein concert grands

Resonators that boost the soundboard
Additional element – dynamic system that adds to the unique volume and richness of sound

The acoustic assembly: a powerhouse
Manages the energy without the slightest loss: however intense your playing or touch might be, the acoustic assembly renders your music without losing any subtlety.

A “concert-quality” cast iron plate
Same properties as that of a concert grand: its subtle design ensures elastic vibrations and thus contributes to the sound quality. These enable you to switch seamlessly from the quietest pianissimo to the most resounding fortissimo.

An action that sets benchmarks
The length of the keys, the ideal lever ratios or geometry for an optimum transfer of your touch. The great pianist Artur Schnabel once said that a Bechstein piano enables a musician to forget everything about the need to deal with technical problems during a performance.

The best hammerheads
C. Bechstein produces its own hammerheads for all its upright and grand pianos – the only European manufacturer to do so today. Designed with optimized weights and dimensions for each piano model and undergo rigorous tests. The mass and density of the felt and the wooden core are defined with painstaking precision.

Tuning stability, resistance to torsion and climatic variations
Like on most grand pianos, its back posts are tapered or conical, not rectangular. A sophisticated assembly using classical mortise and tenon joints warrants stability of the back post-assembly, which has a great positive effect on the formation and spectrum of the sound. This traditional technique, recently improved with modern precision to a fraction of a millimeter, fully resists warping; it also guarantees good tuning stability and resistance to climatic variations.

Open pinblock for ultra-precise tuning
Common in grand pianos, open pinblocks facilitate ultra-precise tuning and ensure a tuning stability rarely found in upright pianos.

Made of top-quality solid wood, the case helps control the acoustic energy and therefore the sound diffusion.

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