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Product Description


(Fuller Midrange)

 Front Plate Ovangkol Wood
 Resonating Body Birch Wood
 Feature Full adjustable top corner

2X internal snare wires

4X metal strings

1 set of bell

 Dimension (H x W x L) 18.9” (48cm) x 12.2” (31cm) x 11.6” (29.5cm)

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Product Type

High Grade Cajon

High-end Series
Solid resonating body, High-end Series responds well with a full, rich tones and a deep bass sound to takes these instruments to a higher musical level. It constructed carefully with selected wood of combinations. Two sets of internal fixed snare wires against the front plate surface to deliver a sensitive snare effect. 4 strings that touch the Front Plate deliver a rattle that can be adjusted to fit any genre of music with the crisp sizzle effect. Set of bell to deliver a rich colour bell effects.