The King of Kings of Musical Instruments with maximum concert performance.


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Product Description

CRISTOFORI CG-275 (9’) Full-concert Grand

The King of Kings of Musical Instruments with maximum concert performance. Full 9’ concert grand piano with astounding power and brilliance.

Dimension (H x W x L): 103cm x 275cm x  150cm

Additional Information



Brand Origin

Singapore Origin

Product Category

Acoustic Piano

Product Type

Grand Piano

Inspired by our love for music and driven by our never-ending quest for perfection, we have painstakingly designed and built our CRISTOFORI Grand Pianos for one purpose, to bring the world together with music through our gold standards in instrument-making. Contained within the elegant, timeless designs of these beautiful kings of instruments, is the epitome of technical excellence and musical brilliance. Let CRISTOFORI Grand Pianos awe you with their majestic grandeur and touch your heart with our genuine love for music and life. You will never feel the same again.

CRISTOFORI’s brand new range of grand pianos was born from the powerful synergy between two of Asia’s foremost piano companies, CRISTOFORI and Young Chang of Korea. Owned and fully backed by global conglomerate Hyundai Group, Young Chang continues to set the gold standard in the piano industry. Now with the new CRISTOFORI grand piano line-up specially designed by CRISTOFORI and manufactured in the world-class facilities of Young Chang, the gold standard for pianos has just gone platinum.