Franz Sandner UP121


Founded in 1924 by Mr. Franz Sandner from the village of Schoenbach, Germany, FranzSandner pianos have established a reputation for making outstanding pianos in the German town of Neuhiem. With patiently acquired skills over years of relentless hard work and pursuit of perfection, the Franz Sandner name has come a long way to become a global brand representing fine quality and workmanship.

Product Description


  • Height: 121 cm
  • UP121 stands out not only for its beautiful voice, but also for its elegant case
  • Classical design with harmonious curves gives it an noble touch
  • Unique 3 time drying of all woods to ensure an unsurpassable tone, German top-level Roslau strings for the finest vibrations
  • European specially-selected wood action mechanism
  • Featuring solid premium grade spruce soundboard handcrafted by German artisans
  • Russian exceptional maple bridge for optimum sound conduction
Soundboard Solid Premium Spruce Soundboard
Iron Plate Frame Sand-Cast-Iron frame, Drilled and Milled with CNC Technology
Hammers Japanese Hammers
Strings German Roslau Strings
Pedal Sustain, Muffler, Soft
Bridge Maple Bridge
Finishes Ebony Polished
Dimension 121cm x 150cm x 61cm (H x W x D)