Perfection Combination of Japanese Innovation and Standards


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Product Description

Toyo-Apollo JUP-1

Made in Japan
Perfection Combination of Japanese Innovation and Standards

  • Height: 121cm
  • One of the top few piano manufacturer with prestigious  JIS (Japan Industrial Standard) Mark
  • Assembled with world-standard material : High grade North American Alaskan spruce, Solid spruce double soundboard, SUZUKI strings from Japan and pure wool hammer head felt
  • Toyo Apollo  has  patented  the World’s famous SSS Slide Soft System, a landmark innovation on piano technology that allows an upright piano to perform slide soft pedal like a grand piano
  • The precision Full Agraffe construction for the optimal sound transmission for dynamic tone production

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Additional Information


Toyo Apollo

Brand Origin

Japan Origin

Product Category

Acoustic Piano

Product Type

Upright Piano

Toyo Apollo
Toyo-Apollo by Japan Toyo Piano Co., one of the top 3 piano makers in Japan today with over 50 years of piano making experience, is one of the few prestigious manufacturer to be JIS (Japan Industry Standards) certified.