• Made by the world’s largest piano maker.
  • Warm and luscious tone.
  • Certified model for piano practical examinations.
  • German Scale Design.
  • The performance of an $8K Japanese Piano.
  • Excellent Performance-Price value balance.
  • The voicing characteristics of a warm and rich European tone.
  • 5 years full guarantee.

Product Description

  • Performance comparable to Japanese pianos twice its price
  • Exquisitely crafted with 100% precious virgin wool, T-wired and waterproof hammer heads for better durability and unbounded tone production
  • Featuring the double soundboard system made of 100% northern mountain spruce, which enhances the bass power of the piano
  • Presenting solid spruce keys and ribs to withstand heavy use for years
  • Keys and bridge are processed with cutting-edge CNC technology
  • Pin block made of cross ply maple wood for unwavering tuning stability
  • Featuring premium German Röslau strings
Backposts Fine spruce
Iron Frame Traditional Sand Cast, CNC processed
Hammers 100% virgin wool, T-wired, waterproof
Strings Roslau (Made in Germany)
Keys Spruce, CNC processed
Bridges Cross-ply laminated hard maple with cantilevered bass bridge
Pin Block 17 cross ply hard maple-designed
Tuning Pins Cut thread, chromed
Dimension 125cm X 147cm X 62cm (H x L x D)