• Made by the world’s largest piano maker.
  • Warm and luscious tone.
  • Certified model for piano practical examinations.
  • German Scale Design.
  • The performance of an $8K Japanese Piano.
  • Excellent Performance-Price value balance.
  • The voicing characteristics of a warm and rich European tone.
  • 5 years full guarantee.


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Product Description

  • Performance comparable to Japanese pianos twice its price
  • Exquisitely crafted with 100% precious virgin wool, T-wired and waterproof hammer heads for better durability and unbounded tone production
  • Featuring the double soundboard system made of 100% northern mountain spruce, which enhances the bass power of the piano
  • Presenting solid spruce keys and ribs to withstand heavy use for years
  • Keys and bridge are processed with cutting-edge CNC technology
  • Pin block made of cross ply maple wood for unwavering tuning stability
  • Featuring premium German Röslau strings

Additional Information



Brand Origin

Singapore Origin

Product Category

Acoustic Piano

Product Type

Upright Piano

Backposts Fine spruce
Iron Frame Traditional Sand Cast, CNC processed
Hammers 100% virgin wool, T-wired, waterproof
Strings Roslau (Made in Germany)
Keys Spruce, CNC processed
Bridges Cross-ply laminated hard maple with cantilevered bass bridge
Pin Block 17 cross ply hard maple-designed
Tuning Pins Cut thread, chromed
Dimension 125cm X 147cm X 62cm (H x L x D)