Japan’s Sound and Touch. Skillfully Crafted by the World’s Largest Piano Maker.

The Pearl River Digital piano is the perfect combination of its rich 60 years of piano manufacturing experience with the exquisite technology and skilled expertise from Japan, Kyoto with years of experience in producing some of the highest quality digital musical instrument.

Product Description

Experience the authentic concert grand piano sound and play with style.


Wooden cabinet designed and made by Pearl River Piano
Wooden cabinet designed and produced by the largest piano manufacturer in the world Pearl River Piano Group, who’s been devoted to researching of the unique sound from wood. They are able to integrate the sound of acoustic piano into a digital piano.

10 Expressive Instrumental Sounds
Japan’s technology synthesized sound source – Using Japan’s sampling technology to capture and recreate the rich and colorful tone of an acoustic piano. Two types of acoustic piano sound representing the elegant and warm grand piano sound or clear and bright grand piano sound.
Built in with 10 high quality sounds supported with 120 polyphony for a fully empowered experience from the 18W powerful speaker house in the skilfully crafted wooden cabinet.


Natural Weighted Hammer Action
The PRK80 is equipped with JAPAN’s NH (Natural Weighted Hammer) keyboard action. This Natural Weighting provides a heavier touch in the lower registers, transitioning to a lighter touch in the upper regions—just as on a traditional piano. The dynamic response of the keyboard can be set to match the playing style of any performer.

Elegant Exterior
The PRK80 has a contemporary, slim line, rounded profile cabinet in black and three integral pedals with luxuriously chromed. Nice finishing touch with soft close keyboard cover.

Download Pearl River Digital Piano Catalog:


88 key (A0–C8), NH (Natural Weighted Hammer) Keyboard


Light, Normal, Heavy


With slow fall system


120 (Max)

Tone Generator

Stereo PCM




Reverb, Chorus

Demo Song


Pitch Correction

Transpose, Tuning


Headphone/Outx2, MIDI Out


Power, Volume, Demo Song, Sound


Soft, Sostenuto, Sustain(with half-pedal)


(WxDxH Close) 144.2cm x 36.8cm x 76.7cm
(WxDxH Open) 144.2cm x 39.5cm x 94.1cm