RAIMUNDO Granadillo 50th Anniversary Limited Series


Model 50 Anniversary Series, Made in Spain
This limited edition classical guitar made to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Raimundo guitar. A very unique guitar is entirely made with free CITES woods and also represent the commitment of innovation in guitar making from Raimundo guitars.


Product Description

Made in Spain
RAIMUNDO was founded in Spain, since 1968. The RAIMUNDO family has more than 40 years manufacturing classical, flamenco, acoustic, requintos, cut-away, mandolins and lutes entirely handmade. All RAIMUNDO guitars are made 100% in Spain following the TRADITIONAL SPANISH SYSTEM, ensuring a sound quality standards and finishes typical of this system. The majority of RAIMUNDO guitars are available with specially selected and premium German pine-spruce or Canadian red cedar tops.

Features Highlights

Solid cedar top, Mexican Granadillo back and sides, cedar neck and ebony fingerboard
Spectacular appearance with the beautiful veining of the Granadillo wood

Sound is warm, clear and has plenty of volume and projection.
The 50 anniversary logo is engraved on the back of the head, making this limited edition very special and unique for guitar collectors.


Top: Solid Cedar/Spruce
Back/Sides: ​Granadillo
Fingerboard: ​Ebony
Fret: Alpacca
Bridge: Mongoy (Ovangkol)
Neck: Cedar
Nut & Saddle: Bone
Machine Head: Aged Gold
Scale: 650mm
Finished: Gloss