Designed by C. Bechstein: A new standard for beginner pianos at surprisingly affordable prices.

Exemplary workmanship and rich sound, a Persuasive Piano


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Product Description

Balanced proportions, mature technology, a pleasant touch and a rich voice make the Zimmermann Z 126 Standard upright piano a persuasive piano. Moreover, the Zimmermann Z 126 Standard upright piano features a restrained, timeless design that sets its above passing fashions.

The Zimmermann Z 126 Standard upright piano is the ideal instrument for first piano lessons. Beginners are often frightened by the prices of new pianos and purchase second-hand instruments. But this brings risks, for some defects may not be evident immediately. A new Zimmermann Z 126 Standard upright piano is the best alternative. All Zimmermann instruments, including the Zimmermann Z 126 Standard upright piano, undergo the Bechstein quality monitoring procedure: they are made by an exclusive Bechstein partner and inspected by Bechstein’s German specialists at the production site. The Bechstein seal of quality is only granted to faultless upright and grand pianos. The Bechstein quality management procedure guarantees that the Zimmermann Z 126 Standard upright piano is a first-choice instrument that will retain its value for a long time to come.

Additional Information



Brand Origin

German Origin

Product Category

Acoustic Piano

Product Type

Upright Piano

Soundboard Laminated Spruce Sound Board, Climate-Resistant
Backposts Solid Wood
Iron Plate Frame Sand-Cast-Iron frame, Drilled and Milled with CNC Technology
Hammers European Felt with Solid Wooden Core
Strings German Roslau Strings
Pedal Sustain, Muffler, Soft
Pin Block Laminated Beech and Maple, Total Thickness of at least 32mm
Finishes Ebony Polished
Dimension 126cm x 150cm x 62cm (H x W x D)
Weight 275 kg