• Meticulously crafted with premium German Roslau Strings
  • Featuring finest spruce back post and keys
  • Tuning stability assured with cross ply maple wood pin block
  • Using 100% virgin wool waterproof hammer
  • 5 years full guarantee

Product Description

Since 1956, Pearl River has grown to become the world’s largest piano manufacturer, producing more than 100,000 pianos annually. It houses state-of-the-art facilities with CNC automated technology and an international design team of a world-class standard. Pearl River is the OEM for various pianos brands, including the Steinway ‘Essex’ line and is the house brand supplier for the three largest piano companies in the US, Jordan Kitts Music, Sherman Clay and Schmitt Music.

Soundboard 100% Northern mountain grown spruce – vertical grain with surface laminates of spruce to prevent cracking
Backposts 5 backposts of the finest spruce
Iron Plate Frame Sand casting iron frame with CNC processing technology
Hammers 100% virgin wool, T-wired, Waterproof hammer felt
Strings Roslau treble wire (Germany), Bass wire hand-wound in European tradition
Keys Exclusive Pearl River tri-laminated solid spruce
Pedal Soft, Muffler, Sustain
Bridges Cross-laminated hard maple with cantilevered bass bridge
Pin Block 17 ply hard maple – designed rigidity and superior space age parts
Tuning Pins Chromium plated, thread cut
Finishes Ebony Polished
Dimension 125cm x 148cm x 60cm (H x L x D)