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Product Description

Founded by William Knabe since 1837 in Baltimore, United States, and has since established itself as a name synonymous with the World’s Best Piano. The list of Wm. Knabe & Co’s advocates include Antoine François Marmontel, Heinrich Schulz-Beuthen, Dr. Leopold Damrosch, Dr. Hans von Bülow and Camille Saint-Saëns. It is the favourite choice in concert halls all across America and Europe. Now made in Korea by one of the world’s leading piano maker, Samick.

Additional Information


Wm. Knabe & Co.

Brand Origin

German Origin

Product Category

Acoustic Piano

Product Type

Grand Piano

Soundboard Tapered and contoured solid spruce soundboard made of select white spruce from Eastern Canada.
Ribs Full length, pre-crowned, vertically laminated bridges with maple caps.
Scale Original Baltimore scale design with added duplex.
Frame Maple and oak rim with spruce beams, tenon joined to the rim with hardwood dowels.
Iron Plate Frame Pure iron ore made in the traditional method.
Hammers Premium Renner blue label hammers, t-wired and individually voiced.
Strings Roslau music wire made in Germany.
Keys Pratt-Reed premium spruce keys, individually balanced and weighted.
Pedal Sustain, Sostenuto, Soft.
Bridges Hand notched, pre-crowned, vertically laminated bridges with maple caps.
Pin Block 16 ply, cross grained laminated hard rock maple.
Tuning Pins German Diamond brand tuning pins made of rod steel.
Finishes Ebony polished.
Dimension 173cm x 153cm x 103cm (L x W x H)
Weight 320 kg