Analytical thinking. Memory skills. Self-confidence.

At CRISTOFORI, we believe your child’s future success and potential can be unlocked through a holistic musical education.

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Designed For Success

Our music courses are designed for success at every level

Dedicated Teachers

Our team of dedicated teachers aim for your child’s success

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We believe in affordable, yet quality education

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Access our extensive network of 38 music schools for your utmost convenience

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From courses to teachers, we are your one-stop provider for all things music

For 40 years. With 38 centres. Over 200,000 successful students.

The CRISTOFORI story began in 1980 when Mr. J.B. Wong, Founder of CRISTOFORI Music, had a vision to transform Singapore through music.

Since then, CRISTOFORI has grown into the largest music company and music school in Singapore with a network of over 38 centres island-wide.

Our mission is to fill the joy of Music into every household through holistic musical education and quality musical instruments. Start your child’s musical journey with CRISTOFORI.


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Our courses are built for every level

built for every level

  • Age 3½ - 5 years old
  • PlayPre-School Music Academia – I Can Play
    Over the years, CRISTOFORI has emerged as the leading music school in Singapore with over 200,000 customers and over a million music students.

    I CAN PLAY is CRISTOFORI’s iconic program that has been refined continously over 40 years – and it’s the perfect first step for your child to experience the joy of music!

    Enrol Your Child To A Brighter Musical Future!

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  • Age 5 and above
  • Instrumental coursesInstrumental courses
    Instil focus, technique, and creativity in your child from a young age.

    From beginner to advanced levels at a pace that suits every child, our student-centered approaches encourages self -focus and motivation!

    Music Theory Courses
    Music theory builds the foundation of a world-class musician.

    To become a well-rounded musician, this is where your child deepens his/her understanding of music with internationally recognised qualifications.

    Duration of Our Music Lessons

    Music is more than just tuneful melodious sounds. It is a delightful experience to master the many instruments. This great way enhances the enjoyment of the medium. Our CristoFori music instructor specialists guide you on your music learning journey with high-quality proficiency and engaging ways.

    The duration of Music Lessons is categorized into three parts:

    • 30 Minutes

    These lessons have a duration of 30 minutes and are specially designed for children with shorter attention spans. Music Classes for toddlers and kids tend to fall under this 30-minute category.

    This duration is also for a free trial lesson which we provide to every new student. After the trial, our Music Teacher will suggest which duration is best for you. You can also choose according to you what fits best for you!

    • 45 Minutes

    Music Lessons with a duration of 45 minutes are specially for teenagers and adults. The children who have grasped their respective musical instrument basics can choose this duration to maximize their learning.

    Young children who fall under the age group of 7 and above may select 45 or 60 minutes music classes. The duration of 45 minutes and 60 minutes for group lessons is compulsory.

    • 1 Hour

    The 60 minutes duration of Music Classes is best for adults who have longer attention spans and wish to have more time for learning. This class can also be of one hour for kids in higher grades and with great attention spans.

    Hear from our happy students & parents


    Awesome Teacher!

    My 6 year old son has been thoroughly enjoying his piano classes for the past one year. Awesome teacher and very friendly staff. Highly recommended!
    Divya Seshadri

    Friendly Support

    I brought my violin to change the strings. The staff was super friendly & helpful & he even helped to tune the violin foc. Amazed at the good service!!!
    Lee Khoon Lim

    Helpful & Friendly

    The counter staffs are really helpful & friendly They are patience in helping me calculate the best deal, discounts. On every replacement lesson, they would patiencely help me arrange a date that best suit our timing too.
    Lim Sor Hoon