It’s been widely researched that guitar players’ brains work a touch differently to everyone else’s, and it’s not surprising at all! Learning and playing the acoustic guitar has shown to promote relaxation and improve concentration, especially among children.

The art of learning to play the chords and skim musical composition rewires their brain in a positive way, which results in all types of cognitive benefits. An acoustic guitar is also easily carried around, is easy on your wallet and is a great instrument to play in social settings.

If you’re interested in learning the acoustic guitar, this article will guide you on the 10 basics of acoustic guitar lessons for beginners in Singapore!

Note: It is better for young beginners to start learning the guitar with the classical guitar versus the acoustic guitar.

Why should young beginners start out with the classical guitar instead?
  1. The classical guitar’s nylon strings are much more comfortable to play with versus the steel strings of the acoustic guitar
  2. They will spend less on their first instrument
  3. They will master the fundamentals much easier
10 basic things Singaporeans need to know about acoustic guitar lessons
    1. A guitar of reasonable quality:

      Owning a sub-par guitar will stunt your progress. Buying an honest quality guitar makes guitar lessons easier. Bad quality acoustic guitars are difficult to play and may encourage poor technique. Buying a quality acoustic guitar within a reasonable budget will put you on the road to sounding great!

  1. Tuning is important:

    Learning to tune your guitar is one of the most important steps to playing the guitar. If your guitar is not in tune, your play will be inaccurate, and you will be wasting your practice efforts. Don’t let an easy mistake stunt your progress as a guitarist, find out how to tune your guitar!

  2. Holding the pick:

    Here are some pick-holding rules for you to follow:

    • Point the pick straight down to the guitar
    • Make sure your grip is comfortable• Make sure you’ve got a firm grip
    • Rest your forearm on the guitar for stability
  1. Strumming:

    Everyone who plays a guitar learns how to strum, which in its basic form is playing multiple strings with one downward or upward movement. Although this looks like an easy movement, it takes time for a beginner to do it naturally. The upstroke is particularly hard due to how the hand wants to maneuver. Beginners often struggle with playing all the strings cleanly too.

  2. Have a good posture:

    One of the foremost important guitar lessons you will learn is that the quickest and easiest method to master the guitar is to possess good posture. While it’s not the most exciting thing about playing the guitar, it is essential to master if you would like to learn quickly.

  3. Learn the guitar scales:
    • The Minor Pentatonic Scale
      A pentatonic scale is a scale that has 5 notes per octave. This is usually the primary scale guitarists learn to play solo with and is commonly used for solos in rock, blues, and other popular styles.
    • The Blues Scale
      Once you learn the minor pentatonic scale, it should be relatively easy to find out the blues scale because it is an equivalent of the pentatonic with one additional note!
    • The Minor and Major Scales
      The minor and major scales are very commonly used in pop, rock and even blues among other popular styles. The chords formed from the minor and major scales would be the foremost commonly used chords in popular chord progressions.
  1. Scheduling and time management:

    Setting and dedicating time for guitar practices is the single best way of learning and improving on your acoustic guitar playing skills. Just 20 minutes of practice each day can deliver significant results!

  2. Learn simple chords first:

    Small, easy steps can make your guitar learning journey more rewarding. For example, E minor is often the first guitar chord you learn, but it is used all the time in hundreds of thousands of songs. Learn it and you’ll be on your way to play a full song in no time!

  3. Learn different picking techniques:

    There are actually more to picking techniques than the common down pick. There are sweep picking, cross picking, alternative picking or even tremolo picking – try them out and see which one suits your style of play.

  4. Don’t give up when it gets challenging:

    Many beginners let go of their acoustic guitar lessons when the going gets tough. Sticking to practicing and learning the toughest parts of the acoustic guitar is essential to mastering the instrument and rewarding yourself with the songs you love.

How Much Do Acoustic Guitar Lessons Cost in Singapore?

he fees for learners in Singapore is often lesser in group lessons in comparison to one on one lessons. 30-minute group guitar lessons at CRISTOFORI start from $22 per lesson, while individual fees start from $27 per lesson. 2 key factors to keep in mind when considering acoustic guitar lessons are the quality and calibre of the teacher.

Pick experienced teachers:

Professional guitar tutoring services involve experienced MOE and NIE-trained teachers who can understand the varied strengths and weaknesses of every individual student. The course or goal plan that they prescribe caters to the unique needs of the student. Hence, it is strongly advised to never deviate from the prescribed action plan.

Why CRISTOFORI Guitar Lessons for Beginners?

CRISTOFORI is the best place to learn acoustic guitar lessons in Singapore. With over 40 years of teaching and 200,000 successful students, we have created an education philosophy that takes the Whole Person Theory approach that focuses on three aspects: academic skills, learning skills and the awareness of the training process itself.

In other words, our students are trained not to be spoon-fed but to seek knowledge and help actively. They find out how to concentrate, learn and organise information into knowledge. As such, students will gain analytical skills, concentration and abstract thinking skills.

Over the years, we also held firmly to our belief of producing quality musical instruments and selling them at the most reasonable prices.

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