If there’s one thing that many of us regret not starting earlier in life, it’s learning how to play the piano.

Few instruments out there can create or inspire beautiful music like the piano. Its universally-loved nature has a knack of producing exceptional young talents – after all, the one and only Mozart himself has performed at the early age of 5!

While it’s true that children can be exceptionally fast learners, it doesn’t mean adults should abandon their dream of learning how to play the piano.

While starting piano lessons early is great, taking piano classes for adults can be a very rewarding experience.

One reason is that children may lack the drive or motivation to truly master the piano. And the saying of “you can’t teach an old dogs new tricks” has been proven wrong time and time again – an adult’s brain is capable of learning new things at any stage of their life!

Besides, learning the piano can be a very rewarding experience – it’s been proven that learning the piano can effectively reduce stress improve a person’s cognitive ability, instil time-management skills and help with sociability.

However, how long will it take for an adult to learn the piano?

As vague as this sounds, it really depends on a person’s level of experience in music.

For example, an adult with zero musical training and background might take 3-6 months of learning to start playing simple tunes. On the other hand, an adult who had previous musical training, perhaps for another musical instrument, will find it much easier to pick up the necessary skills and to play the piano naturally.

Of course, every person’s progress will also depend on the level of dedication to practice. It is no secret that practice makes perfect for most things in life, but this is especially true when it comes to musical instruments.

If an adult digs deep into his/her motivation of learning the piano and gets motivated by every step of progress they make, it will be a much faster transition from a complete novice into a competent piano player.

Another distinctive factor in gauging the speed of piano learning is the presence or absence of an experienced piano teacher. As arguably the most important factor of learning the piano, a teacher with the right combination of teaching skills and piano skills can advance your piano lesson progress. !

This is due to the nature of learning itself. A good teacher does not just give instruction – he/she spots your mistakes and guides you on the path to practicing proper techniques to get your foundation right.

All said and done, however, piano lessons for adults are often incredibly personal journeys to musicianship. While envisioning the results of learning the piano is great, isn’t it just as rewarding to enjoy the process without comparing yourself to everyone else?

Ready to start? Here are some quick tips on taking adult piano lessons in Singapore
  1. Find a piano teacher whose playing inspires you and teaching fits you
    We all have our heroes that we look up to and aspire to become like them. So why should learning piano be any different? Your chosen piano teacher should be someone who you see yourself in after mastering the piano. This is both great as your day-to-day motivation and also a great roadmap to tackle adult piano lessons!Do also take note of the teaching style of your adult piano lesson teacher. Some teachers may be more methodological and structured in their teaching, whereas some teachers might encourage more experimentation. Ask more questions and see what kind of style suits you.
  2. Master your basics by attending your adult piano lessons from certified professional music schools such as CRISTOFORI
    Like many things, the foundation and basic skills of playing the piano is often the most important part to get right when you embark on your piano journey. In fact, one of the leading causes of adults dropping out of piano lessons midpoint is the lack of progression due to poor mastery of the basics.Think of it this way – you’ll need to learn how to walk really comfortably and confidently before you start running! That’s the same approach to piano playing, where a solid grasp of foundational skills and knowledge will bring you a long way. This is why credentialed and certified professional music teachers at schools like CRISTOFORI provide only accredited music tutors!Think of it this way – you’ll need to learn how to walk really comfortably and confidently before you start running! That’s the same approach to piano playing, where a solid grasp of foundational skills and knowledge will bring you a long way. This is why credentialed and certified professional music teachers at schools like CRISTOFORI provide only accredited music tutors!
  3. Make full use of your age – play to your strengths as a determined adult
    Many would say that adults are at a disadvantage when learning music. The truth is, they can be very wrong about that!As an adult, you can use your highly developed logical and critical thinking skills to improve your learning. This is because learning and interpreting music is a matter of analysis, understanding music’s harmonic vocabulary and what the composer is doing with the musical material.

    You also have an edge at learning complex concepts and understanding technical explanations. The importance of being able to analyze a piece of music from the beginning of study cannot be emphasized more. This is why we see students attaining playing skills on an instrument but who have only a rudimentary understanding of the music, which severely limits their playing in ways they cannot imagine.

  4. Mix up your schedules with strict practice sessions and flexible learning sessions to learn good habits
    Practicing regularly is easier said than done, even for adults with developed attention spans and motivation when compared to children!However, it is undeniable that progress on your adult piano lessons is a matter of accumulating many hours of concentrated, careful practice. Practicing without concentration is not only unproductive, it is outright destructive to your playing!

    That’s why setting up a schedule for strict practice sessions is a key step. As with many passions out there, it’s important to have fun as well – so give yourself some time to play around with what you’ve learned and enjoy yourself!

  5. Make practice a routine by having your very own piano
    While this might sound like a minor detail, owning your own piano can leapfrog your piano learning journey solely because you’ll have access to it 24/7!Think about it – if you have an hour or two to spare in the evening, owning your own piano at home allows you to immediately jump in for a practice session. If having a full-sized traditional piano sounds intimidating at first, you can start with a digital piano beforehand – for example, CRISTOFORI’s affordable digital pianos start from as low as $699!
How much do adult piano lessons cost for beginners?

Adult piano lessons in Singapore can vary greatly, starting from $45 per hour all the way to $100 per hour of basic tutoring.

Of course, these will be dependent on the experience and credentials of the teachers themselves. You should also consider the grading exams that all piano students should be taking to measure their progress, as well as the actual cost of a piano itself!

Why Choose CRISTOFORI For Your Adult Piano Lessons?

Founded over 40 years ago, CRISTOFORI has grown to become the largest piano company and music school in Singapore with a network of over 30 centres island-wide. Over the years, we have satisfied more than 60,000 piano customers and taught over a million students to play music.

Today, CRISTOFORI is emerging as one of the new players in the international scene – and our adult piano lessons are designed to give you the best start of your journey to playing the piano. With CRISTOFORI, you can:

  1. Build foundational elements such as musical perception, rhythm, pitch, and time
  2. A comprehensive course that combines technique, theory and lessons in a concise manner
  3. Highlight key concepts and enable adult beginners to play along to familiar songs

Start your piano musical journey today!