It’s challenging to learn something that you aren’t passionate about, especially when you don’t have a strong reason for learning it. Learning piano in Singapore might be challenging for some children, especially that it can get tedious or dull over time.

However, the joy of learning music is always inevitable. Learning music is fun. Once children have grasped the basics of playing the piano, they will most likely enjoy playing the instrument in the long run. Every song they learn becomes a personal achievement, encouraging them to listen, learn rhythm and notes, and even sing along.

However, the first step of converting your children’s disfavour into loving every piano lesson in Singapore is always the hardest. There are tons of ways on how to make piano lessons interesting, but which of these ways always works?

Ways on How to Make Piano Lessons Interesting

Whether you are a parent or a piano teacher, you need to think of something fresh, out-of-the-box, and creative ways to make every piano lesson interesting. You need to help the students focus better, train their ears, and get the most out of their piano lesson time.

Here are some things that could help you make your piano lessons full of life.

piano interesting

  • Allow the student to improvise new tunes and play their favourite songs.
    Working in a restrictive environment isn’t only stressful and nerve-racking; it also impedes the teaching and learning process’s success. So before you start with your piano lessons, you need to keep a pleasant environment for everyone first.

    One thing that could help you do this is to allow students to improvise new tunes and play their favorite songs. Improvisation is an essential musical concept that students need to grasp as early as possible. It is a fundamental concept that teaches students various skills.

    To use improvisation techniques that can make learning more fun, you can utilize the Circle of fifths and apply exciting games to your lessons using your students’ favorite songs to get them excited.

  • Incorporate other learning techniques and variations such as singing and rhythm
    Incorporating other learning techniques and variations such as singing and rhythm can also make learning piano interesting. You can create a quick 4-chord progression in some digital apps like TinPanRhythm. You can also use a pentatonic scale to improvise on the piano while it plays.
  • interesting2Add in challenges to keep students eager to learn.
    You can also add challenges to keep your students more eager to learn during their piano lessons. You can upkeep the game by shutting off the lights and then let your students play their most favorite songs. You can encourage them to practice harder so they can perfectly recreate the pieces in the dark.

    You can also challenge them to switch seats with you. Ask them to find and correct your “mistakes” while playing the piano. They can even direct the activities or choose the songs that they think they could teach perfectly.

  • Incorporate games into the lesson
    Incorporating games into the lesson is one of the best ways to make every piano lesson in Singapore fun and entertaining. Every child loves playing games. It challenges them but in a more fun way. Games take out the boredom in every lesson, so why not use them to your advantage?

    You can use games such as Note Memory Game, which is based on note memory. The Rhythm Ball Game is also an excellent game that you can use, which uses a ball to establish a student’s ability to count evenly. Another game is the Note Scavenger Hunt, which makes the students go around and explore the room, asking them to place the measures in the correct order. You can also use online piano games that are digitally available for downloading, which the students can play even at their homes’ comfort.

piano interesting

  • Establish milestones and awards
    You can also establish milestones and awards to give students a sense of accomplishment and get them to work towards a common goal. With this, you can develop teamwork, cooperation, and camaraderie amongst your students.

    You can create a group piano class in singapore via an online video conferencing platform instead of the traditional one on one piano lesson. Some children learn better when they work with a team because they can engage in their craft with others. Some children find it a little bit lonely to learn the piano, working out rhythms and notes by themselves without having anyone to talk to.

Why You Should Make Piano Learning Interesting

You should make piano learning in Singapore interesting because it is beneficial for students. When a piano lesson is exciting and fun, jam-packed with innovative ideas, it could help stimulate their brain, improve their social skills, accountability traits, and hand-eye coordination. It could also teach children patience, help with discipline, promote creativity, reduce stress and anxiety, and help boost self-confidence.