You must be wondering why instrumental piano songs always pop out on top of every internet search whenever you try searching for relaxing music. If truth be told, piano, among other musical instruments, gives off very relaxing music that could take away our emotional stress and troubles.

We often find piano recitals in fine-dining restaurants and music lounges for the same reason that it helps people relax their minds—and even souls. Piano, as claimed by many, gives calmness and joy to someone’s soul.

However, a top-notch piano is also a big investment. Therefore, buying one may need a considerable amount of consideration. Thankfully, many music schools offer affordable piano rentals in Singapore today.

Buy or rent a piano?


If you love to play the piano or learn piano in Singapore, finding the best Piano Rental in Singapore seems the best thing to do. If you’re wondering why don’t just buy a piano for yourself, here are some reasons that you need to consider before doing so:

Buying a piano will cost you more than just renting out one for your practises, especially if you’re only a beginner. Beginners usually get tired of using a particular piano they had just tried using because they still hadn’t gotten used to playing with it. To avoid this enormous risk, opting to go for a piano rental in Singapore is better.

An average piano in Singapore usually costs around $800 up to more than a few thousand dollars, depending on its brand. On the contrary, a piano rental in Singapore may only cost you at least $150 or so.

If you’re to compare the price of a piano vs the piano rental price, you’ll also see a significant difference. If you’re unsure if you or your child would stick to playing piano, having a piano rental in Singapore would cost you less for taking this risk.

You may also try out the type of piano or even the brand of the piano you intend to buy to see if it would suit you best. You may also learn how to properly invest your time as most piano rentals in Singapore strictly follow certain schedules.

Advantages of renting a piano

There are various advantages of renting a piano. However, different things need to be considered before paying for the piano rental you found.

  • Determine The Instrument You Want To Try

Even before renting a piano, you must determine the type or brand of the piano you wish to use for your practises. In the long run, you might want to buy the same piano, so you must try out the best piano you think seems to fit your needs. Experiment as much as you can before committing to a purchase.

  • Consider A Piano That May Fit Your Home And Personal Styleshutterstock_565562296

It would be best if you also considered a piano that would fit your home and personal style. Pianos generally come in various shapes and sizes. Thankfully, the chance of renting a piano gives you the ability to choose the type of piano, also giving you the opportunity of determining the instrument as a home décor consideration.

  • Playing Piano Teaches You Better Time Management

Life is busy as it is, especially when you have a full-time job or school classes to attend to. However, your hectic schedule must never stop you from learning to play the piano. The beauty of renting a piano gives you a reasonable time to practise within your hectic schedule.

Unrealistic to some, but this time of opportunity exists and even helps you check your commitment levels. Whether you or your children have just shown an interest in playing the piano, your commitment to undergo practise every day often determines how far you are willing to go just to learn piano singapore.

  • Playing Piano May Help Develop Your Skills

Another benefit of playing the piano is that it may help you develop your skills. Since it requires your full attention, it would greatly help you practise better focus and concentration. Having a higher-concentration level also improves your memory and fends off the cognitive decline that aging usually causes.


  • Playing Piano Will Improve Your Listening Skills

Since playing piano requires tuning and learning the different tones, rhythms, and notes, your discernment to know when a note is off is developed. Having improved listening skills is beneficial for your musical skills and in other areas of your life. We become more empathetic to others when we can listen to their clamours or even pick up non-verbal cues that they want to convey to us.

  • Playing piano teaches you to have a better discipline

Learning how to play any musical instrument, especially pianos entails having a solid discipline. Learning piano is challenging, contrary to what most people often think of as an easy feat. It requires strong commitment and discipline to learn the complexities of playing it. This discipline is beneficial because you can also apply it to other, if not all, areas of your life.


Learning to play the piano is as exciting as it may sound. However, you must invest as little as possible, especially if you are still unsure if this skill fits your lifestyle. A piano rental in Singapore gives you various benefits, so investing a few dollars wouldn’t hurt you. It would provide you with discipline, improve your listening skills, and the ability to learn how to manage your time better. It would also help you decide whether the piano you wish to buy best fits your lifestyle or home décor. Cristofori

If you are still unsure whether you need to rent a piano, you may want to try CRISTOFORI, a well-known music school in Singapore that offers affordable Piano Rental in Singapore and other musical lessons.

At CRISTOFORI, you’ll only need to pay $10 – $25 for renting Standard Piano Studio Rental (Upright Piano) and $50 for Standard Grand Piano Studio Rental (Grand Piano) for a 30-minute usage. You can even rent their Event Hall / Recital Room Rental (Grand/Upright Piano) for only $40 – $300 for an hour.