Is it really necessary to tune my piano once every 6 months?” is a common doubt that many piano owners face. A common misconception is that piano tuning is a marketing gimmick used by piano manufacturers to continuously profit from the sales. However, this cannot be any further away from the truth!

Upright-PianoThe primary reason for regular tuning is to ensure sufficient string tension of 440Hz. This level of string tension is examination grade and is extremely hard to achieve. Even if your child or you yourself does not play the piano frequently, it is still crucial for the piano to be tuned. Let us give you an example, if you own a car and do not drive it frequently, you will still need to service your car yearly. The rationale behind servicing the car is to ensure that the internal mechanisms are still in working condition and there will be no danger if you were to drive it on the road. Similarly, to tune and service your piano, it is to ensure that the strings are at the correct tension and the internal mechanisms (hammer head, felt, keys, etc.) are of working condition, so that when you were to play the piano it will still sound good, and you are able to play it.

The ever-changing humidity level has a direct correlation to the pitch of the piano. When the humidity level goes up, it will cause the piano to be of a higher pitch, vice versa. Due to the different thickness of the strings, the change in pitch will not occur equally across the entire piano. Even though there is no one playing the piano, the environment that the piano is put into will cause it to be out of tune. It does not mean that if you do not play it, it will not go out of tune. If the string tension is constantly not of 440Hz, this will affect the pianist aural abilities in the long run.

shutterstock_115109230For new pianos, the industry standard is for it to be tuned once every 6 months. As new pianos need time to “settle” into the new environment – humidity and temperature, within the first 5 years of purchase. After which, piano owners can choose to tune their piano once a year should they feel that biyearly is too frequent. Should your piano had not been tuned for more than 4 years, a piano technician will have to do an inspection of your piano to ensure that your piano is in working condition to be tuned. Due to the humidity level in Singapore, if the piano heater has not been on for 24/7 everyday, there is a high chance that the strings had rusted in the past 5 years of not tuning. If so, it is recommended to change the strings before tuning, as there is a high probability that the strings will snap if the piano is being tuned. In addition, if the condition of the piano is bad, an overhaul of the piano might be needed. It is difficult to assess the condition of your piano just by looking at the exterior, it is the condition within that matters.

Do not fret even if you have not tuned your piano in a long time. Our team of professional technicians will check the condition of your piano every time they are there for tuning appointments and will inform you about the condition of your piano! Whether or not your piano is purchased from us, we are always here to help! Contact us at our technical and service centre at 6243 9555 or WhatsApp us at 8766 0641 for more information.