Cristofori was established in the music industry in Singapore four decades ago. And during its 40 years in the service, its ability to provide top-of-the-line musical education is out of the question. Everything you need to know about electric guitar lessons Singapore has to offer can be found at Cristofori.

As you scroll down, you will learn about the importance and fundamentals of learning guitar lessons for beginners. You won’t have to tour around Singapore to look for the best music school. Let our team of musical experts save you from the hassle of doing so.

Why You Need an Expert Guitar Lesson Singapore


The guitar is considered one of the most common musical instruments that seem too easy to play with to some people. Although you can indeed learn how to play the guitar through self-study and video tutorials, learning just the basics would confine you to having a mediocre guitar playing skill.

Of course, if you want to pursue having a professional career in playing the guitar, strumming and a few plucking won’t lead you to the spotlight you desire. Being trained by an expert will make you play like an expert, too. Experienced musical teachers will provide you with a comprehensive insight into guitars and the proper handling and discipline in playing them.

  • They Will Correct Your Bad Habits

Guitar teachers are professional musicians who have learned from specialists. They were once a beginner and had experience playing the guitar for the first time. And through years of diligent practice and professional education, they have learned the proper way of playing the guitar.

TeacherPhoto2-3Every person holding a guitar for the first time would make them want to strum and pluck, almost simultaneously. They get too excited to learn how to make music using this percussion instrument. However, problems may arise in the future if you didn’t understand the proper way of strumming, plucking, and holding your guitar and picked up a bad habit by doing these things.

Having an experienced teacher to guide you to learn the do’s and don’ts of playing the guitar would save you from having these problems. They can quickly distinguish your problems, give you tips on avoiding them, and pave your way on the right track to being a professional guitar player.

  • They Could Determine Your Ability Level

Experts could determine which songs are fit to your abilities and level. You have to remember that not every genre could fit your guitar playing abilities. Therefore, if you aim to advance your career in the music industry, you need to focus on honing your abilities. Our team suggests that you concentrate on the types of music and genre you could play best. This wouldn’t mean you won’t be able to play other music, though.

An experienced teacher could verify and help you choose what is best for you. If you’re a beginner, they most likely will not give you a lesson that could overwhelm you. Instead, they would develop a specialised plan that would polish your skill.

  • They Could Give You Challenges

Challenges aren’t easy to deal with. However, they could serve as your inspiration in enhancing your skills. Having an experienced teacher, you can expect guitar lesson exercises that will enhance your skill. He/she may give you activities to track your progress, determine your strengths and weaknesses. Your teacher will then devise a plan to help you work on the part you need to focus on and improve.

Fundamentals of A Guitar

Learning how to play the guitar sounds easy. However, to use this musical instrument effectively, you must know the basics and be familiar with its parts. Techniques and styles would follow suit once you go through the learning process.

Here are the guides that will speed up your learning processes in playing the guitar.

1.  Knowing Its Parts


To use and utilize the guitar, knowing its part is a must. This way, it would be easy to follow the lesson, and you know what part of your guitar your teacher was referring to. The headstock, neck, and body are the three essential parts of the guitar. These three parts work together to create a wonderful harmony and sound.

The guitar’s headstock is where the tuning post/machine and nut sit. It is at the top of the guitar’s neck, the long wood part of the guitar between the headstock and the body. The neck is where you can see the fretboard, truss rod for some guitars, and frets.

The last part that has a significant role in a guitar is its body. This part gives the guitar its character and sound. In here, you can see the guitar’s soundhole and bridge. The soundhole helps enhance the sound and gives vibrating sounds with greater ease.

2.  Tabs and Chords

After knowing the guitar’s parts, it should be the perfect time for you to learn about the tabs and chords. Music schools in Singapore include this in their curriculum. They educate their students about the basic parts of the guitar and the theories of chords and tabs.

This way, it would help their students to read tabs and write their melodies easier. The chords, on the other hand, are responsible for harmony. That is why it’s best to learn chord reading to know how it accompanies strumming and rhythm.

3.  Strumming

Guitar lesson Singapore also includes strumming as one of their fundamentals. This way, students would be aware and learn the consistency of the strokes and strums. Teachers will also teach you the proper position on strumming, such as using your wrist to strum and keeping off the elbow from the string to avoid touching it.

Why Choose Cristofori’s Guitar Lessons?

Cristofori offers the basic techniques to learn how to play the guitar quickly and help you unlock your passion for music. This musical school in Singapore provides guitar courses that are easy to grasp and engaging. The experts assigned in giving quality music education are adaptable and could teach different genres, too.

Teachers at Cristofori possess a wealth of technical, stylistic, and theoretical; information for your children second to none. Cristofori also offers a different approach to teaching electric guitar lessons in Singapore. If you want to learn from the experts and experience the best ways to learn how to play the guitar, our team suggests that you enrol and learn from Cristofori.