Getting serious about learning how to play the piano is a good sign that you want to advance your music career. However, if you really are ready to embark on your new musical journey, you have to choose the best German piano in Singapore to buy. There aren’t many authentic German piano brands that you could choose from internationally, which makes it harder for you to choose one. 

But if you are one of those musicians who have a deep love for classical music, choosing a German piano is best for you. However, it would be best to consider essential factors when looking for a German piano in a piano shop Singapore offers. First, determine the piano’s sound, whether you want a bright tone, mellow tone, or round and full sound. Also, consider the overall quality of its tonal quality, length of its warranty, and of course, the brand.  

What is A German Piano?


You might be wondering why there’s this thing called “German Piano.” What difference does it have compared to other pianos? Well, German Pianos have better qualities than other brands.

Western music had been the home of pianos since 1685, when Johann Sebastian Bach influenced music history in the West. Bartolomeo Cristofori, an Italian musical instrument maker, advanced the piano’s development in Western music. Zumpe, Stein in Augsburg, Friederici in Gera, Gottfried Silbermann in Freiberg, and many others are among the German pioneers in piano construction.

Different Types of Piano Brands

There are different types of piano brands made by German instrument makers today that you can purchase through various piano shops in Singapore near you. The European Piano Store or manufacturers regarded as the “big four” are just some of the world’s most renowned manufacturers. They are Bosendorfer, Bluthner, Bechstein, and Steinway.

Things You Need to Know About German Piano

CB_Concert-8_HammerheadThere are certain things that you need to know about the German Piano in Singapore. Most pianos made from Germany should always have the logo, “Made in Germany.” If you are looking for a Piano Store in Singapore, it is always recommended to look for this official stamp and authentication certificate.

Some brands pose as authentic retailers and dealers of a German Piano without this special seal, so you need to be wary. This certificate of quality would be your assurance in having a high-quality German piano. All German shops associated with this seal are distinguished by centuries of experience and tradition and a high proportion of manual craftsmanship. They also assure prestige, successful design, and excellent sound and playing quality of the musical instrument they manufacture.

Examples of German Piano Makers

German pianos used to have over 80 brands, but it’s getting fewer and fewer internationally. Behind the success of German Pianos are the master of crafts and first-rate manufacturers. Here are some examples of German piano makers that offer high-quality grand pianos at best Piano Price.

  • Bechstein

CBechstein_Logo_RGBCarl Bechstein founded the Bechstein piano manufacturing company on October 1, 1853. Bechstein had worked in France and England as a renowned piano craftsman before finally hitting it with his piano manufacturing company.

His primary aim in building his company was to build strikingly robust instruments to withstand Franz Liszt’s force, a famous musician. The first-ever person to give a recital on a Bechstein piano was Hans von Bülow, a renowned conductor and Liszt’s son-in-law. He played Liszt’s Piano Sonata in B minor in Berlin. Although, during that time, Bechstein was in a tight rivalry between Steinway and Blüthner, it still made a name when celebrities started to endorse the company.

  • Seiler

Eduard Seiler founded Seiler pianos in 1989. He was a very accomplished pianist who used his skills and love of invention in handcrafting his first independent piano model. To this date, the one he built in Liegnitz, Germany, remains the standard of all Seiler instruments when it comes to transparency and bright tone.

Seiler has also become the largest piano builder in Eastern Germany. However, the Seiler company faced devastation during World War II. The effect of the war made the Seilers lose their home and their parent factory. Fortunately, the company got back on track and still manufactures high-quality pianos for more than 170 years now.

What Makes These Piano Brands Exceptional

seilerSince WW2, many German piano brands had collapsed. This is the main reason why piano brands and factories become fewer and fewer down the years. However, the Bechstein and Seiler pianos managed to stay in the industry and even flourished as piano brands.

Both companies provide top-tier German piano qualities carefully handmade by their workers. Both brands even have work hours recorded for each piano made which can all be found on their official websites. They do not mass produce pianos because they take time to create high-quality Portable Piano.

Both pianos are also suitable for Singapore’s hot and humid weather because they most often use Spruce wood in producing their pianos. Spruce woods are high-quality woods usually used in manufacturing most musical instruments.

What to Look for in A German Piano Brand
  • Its main factory should be located in Germany
  • They create handmade pianos
  • Suitable for Singapore’s humid and hot weather
  • They use special woods like spruce wood
  • They have a unique R&D Department
  • They have official websites where you can find specifications about their Portable Piano

CB_C_234_Black_polWhen choosing the best German piano, it is always best to consider its tone quality, responsive touch, and aesthetic looks.  These characteristics are crucial to note when looking to stock a piano.

If you find it hard to look for an authentic and high-quality German piano, you may check out Cristofori, Singapore’s leading piano shop Singapore has to offer. You can choose from their various German Piano Price depending on your budget preference and other characteristics you consider before buying one.