On 14th May 2022, Internationally Acclaimed Concert Pianist Haiou Zhang played to a sold-out, one-night-only crowd of 800 at the SCO Concert Hall. The Audience was transfixed with his enthralling performance, imparting to them a sense of hope, transformation and renewal.


1K7A8313In Dawn and Sublimation, Haiou Zhang presented  in his signature style, an array of moving repertoire that included two most compelling Beethoven Piano Sonatas: “Waldstein”, also known as “L’Aurora” (The Dawn), and Piano Sonata 32, Opus 111, the last of his piano sonatas. Apart from the Beethoven selections are Bach’s two transcriptions of the most beautiful melodies.   


Haiou Zhang’s repertoire for the evening were the perfect catalysts to fully demonstrate the skills that he is best known for –  his mastery of every nuance of classical piano, his joyful attitude of exploration and creativity that he brings to performances, and a total mastery of the art of performing and communicating through music.


1K7A8314-1Based in Hannover, Germany Haiou Zhang’s musical career as an international concert pianist has been characterised by his unique gift of artistic and communicative skill. Haiou Zhang is also an influential ambassador for the arts, bridging Eastern and Western culture with his extensive body of work. 


He co-founded the International Music Festival, Buxtehude, Altes Land, Hamburg which has become one of the most successful classical music institutions in the Hamburg metropolitan area. From January 2020 Haiou Zhang is appointed as the new Music Director of Öschberghof Klassik in Donaueschingen, and is Artistic Director of international concert series CONCERTS GRAND SALON in Zurich, Switzerland since Spring 2021.


We look forward to seeing Haiou Zhang again in concert here in Singapore in the future!