9th August 2022 marks Singapore’s 57th National Day, and also the launch of a new line of affordable, high-quality acoustic guitar – the Sevillana 2101!

Guitars Launch

RS Event Center was privileged with access to a sneak preview of the Sevillana 2101 at Bechstein Music World on the 4th of August, and here’s what we learned.

Acoustic guitars come in different body shapes and wood compositions – dreadnought, grand concert, jumbo, grand auditorium, parlour, and more plus solid vs laminate wood all contribute to overall qualities of the guitar’s sound and playability. Here’s a quick summary:

Dreadnought – this iconic shape with large shoulders and large lower-ends are your all-around strumming and picking machines.

Parlor – Small but bold, these designs are known for strong projection of mid-range tones.

Jumbo – This one looks like a dreadnought that put on a few pounds but uses that new space to bellow out still more bottom end and bigger sounds.

Grand Concert – This throwback to the mid-19th century is a mid-size body that champions EQ in the mid- and upper-ranges, making it ideal for cutting through any unplugged session.

Grand Auditorium – This design takes the best of the dreadnought but modernizes it by narrowing the waist of the guitar slightly 

Many acoustic guitar makers also enhance fretboard reach with a cutaway.

guitar 5

The Sevillana 2101 boasts an all-rounder performance and responsiveness with its Grand Auditorium shape, and full solid top, back and sides offering the best possible resonance and sustain. Playability benefits from this shape as well, with its narrower waist, this guitar is more comfortable to hold than a standard dreadnought, and the added reach with the cutaway is a definite plus too whilst giving it a very stylish profile.

guitar 1

This guitar features all solid sitka spruce top, and african mahogany back and sides, top grade 1:18 die-cast machine heads, and a Zero Fret that aids in consistency of tone between open and fretted notes.

We got a chance to try this guitar out ourselves and were surprised at how comfortable it was to hold and to play. We found a nice balance of frequencies as well that makes this guitar a great instrument to pair with the RSL Acoustic Guitar material. 


What amazed us the most was the price point of this instrument at SG$399.00. 

All things considered, you really don’t need to spend top dollar for a quality instrument, if you know what to look for!


You can learn more about the Sevillana 2101 and where to get it here.

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