Pianists Poh-Lin Koh and Raymond Lin played 2 intimate concerts at Bechstein Music World for charity. 

Double Bechstein D282 Grand Pianos at A Concert of Hope by Poh-Lin Koh and Raymond Lin.Bechstein

The audience of around 60 were there to share the music and support donations to elderly care services run by Filos Community Services.

Bechstein 2 Poh-Lin Koh is a virtuoso solo pianist who has performed across Canada, Europe, and Asia. She was active in Singapore in the 1980s, until she moved to Canada, where she is currently based. She is critically acclaimed in multiple countries for her expressive playing and brilliant fingerwork.

Raymond Lin is a medical professional who plays the piano as his passion. He studied under the late Yeoh Siew Lan. He and Poh-Lin met while in secondary school at the Anglo-Chinese Junior College studying for O-Level Music. At home, Raymond Lin composes original music and plays piano recreationally on a Bechstein Concert 8 Upright Piano.

At Bechstein Music World Singapore on Thursday, October 20th, at 7pm, and Saturday, October 22nd was a two piano concert comprising Bach-Gounod Ave Maria, Thomé Andante Religioso,  Chopin piano concerto no. 2, Mozart, Elvira Madigan, Debussy 4 hands from Petit Suite, “Five Miniatures from the Pandemic” – an original composition from Raymond Lin, and concluding with the spectacular Chopin Adante Spaniato and Grand Polonaise.  

Bechstein 3