2022 marks the first year that Cristofori is able to finally host once again the GRAND Students Recital for our year-end Musicale concert. The annual Musicale Concert and Cristofori Star Student Awards has been a long standing tradition for Cristofori Music School as a way to show our appreciation for the efforts of our dear students.


Over the past 2 years, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and numerous restrictions to gatherings and performances, our previous Musicale celebrations were majorly scaled back and limited to a simple awarding ceremony. Now in 2022, we were finally able to return to our grand celebration with a BANG.


This year’s theme was “ Journey Through Time 穿越时空之旅 ” – calling to us to envision a journey from past to future, having stood together to emerge stronger after a Global Pandemic, we recall memories of playing music together, and appreciate the time we have together; we recall predecessors, and at the same time, look toward a future where we can return to a state of togetherness. 


COVID-19 had taken away opportunities to gather our students together, but this year, we take back our way of life and stand in hopefulness, to realize our vision to overcome this pandemic and stand together for a brighter future, to continue to build our heritage and legacy of music, passion, life and to bring music to every heart and home.


The Musicale Concert 2022 was held on Friday, the 2nd of December at the Festive Arts Theatre at Our Tampines Hub, a 400 seat theatre in the heart of Tampines. The program featured collaborative performances by our Cristofori Music School students and teachers, and the much anticipated Star Student Awards recognising the efforts and hard work of students as nominated by their teachers.


It was truly a special treat seeing some of the school’s best perform for a sold out audience, with pieces from beloved movies and series, as well as some well loved classical pieces.


We definitely felt a sense of community being with our students and families together in celebration again. 


Congratulations to all the performers for their amazing work, and thank you to the parents, staff and crew without whom this event would not be possible!