8th October 2023 – Southeast Asian Drummers rocked the house at the Asian Supreme Drum Competition Grade Finals at the Festive Arts Theatre @ Our Tampines Hub. A total of 84 Grand Finalists selected from over 500 entries across 4 categories played their hearts out as they vied for top spots in the rankings for this year’s competition. Participants hailed from Singapore, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, the USA, the UK, and beyond! Thailand & Indonesia clinched top prize spots in the Age Group categories while contestants from Singapore, India, and China swept up in the Rockschool Categories with some of the most creative interpretations of Rockschool material we’ve ever seen!
Congratulations once again to all the Winners, and to all the Finalists who made it through to the grand finals! The next question remains — Who will be next year’s Asian Supreme Drummer? We hope to see you and even more new drummers at the competition in 2024! Since 2018, the Asian Supreme Drum Competition has brought together young drummers from all over Southeast Asia. This year’s competition features the Singapore Debut of the newly launched NU-X DM8, featuring new innovative technologies, giving drummers an authentic acoustic-like feel and realistic expressive playing. The DM-8 features a robust rack system which is durable and aesthetically looks great on stage, or in a studio or home practice space. Results of the Asian Supreme Drum Competition 2023 are out now on our Official Facebook Page, and on our website www.rs-event.sg