Singapore’s vibrant arts and cultural scene has a stunning new addition with the soft opening of the Kayserburg Pearl River Gallery at SMU. Nestled in the heart of the city, this gallery is poised to become a sanctuary for music enthusiasts, art lovers, and those seeking an immersive experience in the world of pianos and other fine instruments.

Held between 27th October to 24th November 2023, the soft opening of the Kayserburg Pearl River Gallery at SMU was nothing short of a celebration of elegance and craftsmanship. The gallery showcases a curated collection of exquisitely crafted pianos, including the renowned Kayserburg and Pearl River brands. Each instrument is a testament to the precision and artistry that defines the world of piano making.

The strategic location of the gallery at Singapore Management University (SMU) adds a unique dimension to the musical landscape of the city. Surrounded by the energy of the university campus, the gallery provides a dynamic space for students, faculty, and the public to engage with the beauty of pianos and the art of music.

The soft opening featured not only an impressive display of pianos but also live performances by accomplished young musicians. and a few of the Grand Finalists of the 2023 Kayserburg International Youth Piano Competition also graced the event. These performances highlighted the exceptional sound quality and versatility of the Kayserburg Grand Piano.

In line with its commitment to promoting musical education, the Kayserburg Music School @ Kayserburg Pearl River Gallery currently offers courses in Violin, and soon in 2024 will be offering courses in Piano too. 

As the Kayserburg Pearl River Gallery at SMU opens its doors to the public, it brings with it a dedication to elegance, innovation, and a renewed appreciation for the art of piano craftsmanship. The gallery’s soft opening was a prelude to what promises to be a symphony of cultural experiences, as it establishes itself as a prominent player in Singapore’s musical landscape. Here’s to the continued resonance of art and music at the Kayserburg Pearl River Gallery at SMU.