Renowned Taiwanese pianist Yen Chun-Chieh is set to enchant Singaporean audiences with his upcoming piano recital, promising an evening filled with virtuosity, emotion, and musical mastery.

Yen Chun-Chieh, celebrated globally for his mesmerizing performances and significant contributions to the world of classical music, will take center stage in Singapore for a memorable piano recital. With a repertoire that spans both classical and contemporary genres, Chun-Chieh’s artistry promises to captivate audiences of all tastes.

Chun-Chieh, inspired by the profound connection between nature and human emotions, will explore this theme through pieces such as Chopin’s Barcarolle and Ravel’s Jeux d’eau. The recital promises to be a musical journey that mirrors the beauty and depth found in the natural world.

The program will also showcase Chopin’s Op.25 Etudes, where Chun-Chieh will display his virtuosic qualities and bring out the emotional richness embedded in each composition. It’s a rare opportunity to witness the pianist navigate the intricate nuances of Chopin’s masterful piano writing.

Leading the audience into the whimsical world of Schumann’s Carnaval, Chun-Chieh will bring to life a diverse cast of characters through contrasting musical styles. Schumann’s insertion of musical cryptograms within each section adds an intriguing layer, making it a delightful challenge for listeners to decipher his masked ball.

Beyond his captivating performances, Yen Chun-Chieh is also a dedicated educator, currently serving as a full-time Associate Professor at Taiwan Normal University. His commitment to inspiring future generations of musicians is evident in both his performances and his role as a faculty member at international music festivals.

Whether you’re a seasoned classical music enthusiast or a newcomer to the world of piano recitals, Yen Chun-Chieh’s upcoming performance in Singapore promises an evening of musical brilliance and emotional resonance. Book your tickets now for a chance to experience the magic of this internationally acclaimed pianist.

Mark your calendars and join us for a night of enchanting melodies, where Yen Chun-Chieh’s piano keys will weave a musical tapestry that transcends time and space.

Date: Saturday, 9th March 2024
Venue: Victoria Concert Hall, Singapore

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(Price : $78, $58, $38 and $18)