At CMS, we believe that attending pre-concert talks enriches the concert experience for everyone, offering invaluable insights into a performer’s interpretive choices, as well as a valuable opportunity to learn more about music. On 8th March, 2024, we had the privilege of attending a captivating pre-concert talk by Professor Yen Chun-Chieh that shed light on his repertoire and the artistic journey he would take us on at his Concert (which sold out the Victoria Concert Hall) that would take place the next day, 9th March.

Professor Yen, a distinguished pianist and educator, effortlessly conveyed his thoughts, ideas, and the stories behind his concert repertoire. His eloquence was matched only by his sense of humor, evident in his interactions with the audience. As a full-time Associate Professor at Taiwan Normal University, his dedication to education was palpable throughout the session.

Delving into the intricacies of his selected pieces, Professor Yen highlighted their nuances, connections to the composers’ lives, and historical contexts. It was as if he was conversing with a group of friends, effortlessly sharing his wealth of knowledge and personal reflections.

During the Q&A session, one question resonated deeply: how can students aspire to become professors like him? Professor Yen acknowledged the challenges posed by technology and short attention spans owing to the rise of short form content (reels, TikTok, Youtube Shorts, etc.), emphasizing the importance of focus and dedication. He spoke passionately about the potential impact of AI and augmented reality on musicianship, urging young musicians to embrace the art of live performance amidst an increasingly digitized reality.

Professor Yen’s pre-concert talk was more than just a glimpse into his artistry; it was a testament to his commitment to inspiring future generations of musicians. As we navigate an ever-evolving musical landscape, his words serve as a guiding light for aspiring musicians worldwide.

This concert enrichment talk was organised and presented by Bechstein Music World. Be sure to follow them on their Facebook and Instagram Pages for the latest updates on more concerts and other events for 2024!