Kayserburg Artist & United Nations messenger for Sustainable Development Goals, and Goodwill Ambassador Paul Ye (叶子宸), played his debut recital in Singapore on 22nd April 2024 at the Victoria Concert Hall.


His performance was marked by skillful execution, captivating showmanship, and an array of emotional nuances on the Kayserburg KD275 Artist Series Concert Grand Piano provided by the Guangzhou Pearl River Piano Group. While some characterizations and emotions may not have fully translated into the performance, Paul Ye still delivered a solid debut that left a lasting impression on the audience. 

The recital began with Beethoven’s “Appassionata,” which started a bit tentatively but gradually transitioned into fluidity, concluding the third movement with an impressive flourish. Following this were heartfelt renditions of 20th-century Chinese masterpieces, “Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix,” “Ode to the Yellow River,” and “My Motherland,”

“Birds Paying Homage to the Phoenix,” adapted by Liu Fengming, a renowned suona master, and Paul Ye, the successor of this masterpiece, vividly portrayed the lively and cheerful melody and the harmonious sound of hundreds of birds with the clear and delicate tone of the Kaiserburg grand piano KD275 resonates throughout this piece.

Drawing inspiration from Xian Xinghai’s renowned work “Yellow River Cantata,” “Ode to the Yellow River” from the second movement of the piano concerto “Yellow River,” and the poignant song “My Motherland” composed by Liu Chi, deeply resonated with members of the audience, overseas Chinese nationals in attendance, and new, young audience members who may be hearing them for the first time. Paul Ye’s selection of Chinese pieces brought a distinct East-meets-West flavour to the entire program.


Kayserburg Artist Paul Ye’s selection of Chinese masterpieces resonated deeply with the elder members of the audience at his Debut Recital at the Victoria Concert Hall.

A princely wardrobe change marked the start of the second half of the recital, where Paul Ye’s technical skills shined in the Chopin programme.

Chopin’s two waltzes, “Glorious Grande Waltz Op. 18” and “Waltz Op. 34 No. 1,” each possessing unique characteristics and contrasting melodies opened the second half of the recital. In “Barcarolle Opus 60,” Paul Ye skillfully captures the nuances of the waves with each note, demonstrating his remarkable skill and sensitivity on the piano.

Friedrich Chopin’s “Scherzo No.2, Op. 31” and “Scherzo No.3. Op. 39”, spirited and energetic compositions that captivated with its rapid passages and dramatic contrasts exude Chopin’s mastery of form and expression, with cascading scales and fiery runs punctuated by moments of introspection and longing. Together, these scherzos exemplify Chopin’s ability to blend technical brilliance with emotional depth, leaving a lasting impression on listeners with their exuberant charm and virtuosic flair, all skillfully executed by Paul Ye.

“Andante Spianato at Grande Polonaise Brilante, Op. 22” commenced with a serene atmosphere created seamlessly evolving from gentle phrasing and expressive nuances in a tranquil introduction to set the stage for the ensuing “Grande Polonaise Brillante,” a grand and majestic dance in the traditional Polish style.

Paul Ye played 3 encores acknowledging the youngest members of the audience – our students! – playing his takes on learner favorites with a unique twist, the theme from “Interstellar”, the theme from “Pirates of the Caribbean”, and Yiruma’s “River Flows in You”, pieces we have surely heard our students play at Cristofori! We certainly hope this has inspired our young learners to pursue their journeys with renewed passion and inspiration.

This concert was organised by Kayserburg Music School.


Kayserburg Music School’s vision to serve as a cultural bridge between Singapore and China was prominently highlighted during the event. With a commitment to providing a platform for aspiring musicians to showcase their talent on the global stage, the school aims to nurture and empower the next generation of music virtuosos.


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About the Artist:

Paul Ye  (叶子宸)

Winner of the 2008 Ettlingen International Piano Competition, Paul Ye made history as the second Chinese pianist to achieve this honor since Lang Lang in 1994. Joining the Robert Schumann Hochschule Düsseldorf at 12, he became the youngest Chinese to perform at Vienna’s Golden Hall of Musikverein. Ye has performed in nearly 100 concerts across Europe, captivating audiences with major orchestras. Besides music, Ye is committed to conservation and social change, serving as a UN messenger for Sustainable Development Goals and Goodwill Ambassador for Yongtai Prefecture, Fuzhou, China. His performances have graced global stages, including the 31st Summer Universiade in Chengdu and the 19th Asian Games in Hangzhou, with coverage by CCTV.