Exciting News! Cristofori Music is thrilled to announce that we are now the exclusive authorized dealer of PETROF Pianos in Singapore!

Introducing PETROF Pianos, a prestigious addition to our lineup at the Cristofori Academy of Fine Arts – Bringing you the Sound of Europe! With PETROF, you can experience the exquisite sound of Europe’s leading piano brands, ensuring that only the best instruments grace our halls.



Petrof Pianos boasts a rich heritage dating back to 1864, when it was founded by Antonín Petrof in Hradec Králové, Czech Republic. What began as a modest workshop producing just a few pianos per year soon blossomed into a renowned piano manufacturer. Through unwavering dedication to quality craftsmanship and innovation, Petrof Pianos quickly earned acclaim for its exceptional instruments.

Over the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Petrof Pianos expanded its operations and reputation, emerging as one of Europe’s most respected piano makers. The company’s commitment to excellence was consistently recognized with awards and accolades at international exhibitions and competitions.

Despite navigating challenges during periods of political and economic upheaval in Europe, Petrof Pianos persevered, evolving its production techniques while maintaining a steadfast commitment to traditional craftsmanship. This ensured that each Petrof piano remained a testament to quality and artistry.

In the latter half of the 20th century and into the 21st century, Petrof Pianos embraced technological advancements while preserving its heritage of handcrafted excellence. The company diversified its product range to encompass a variety of piano models, from grand pianos to uprights, catering to musicians and enthusiasts worldwide.

Today, Petrof Pianos stands as a symbol of Czech craftsmanship and musical tradition, cherished by pianists, educators, and collectors across the globe. With over 150 years of history, Petrof Pianos continues to uphold its legacy of crafting pianos of unparalleled quality, tone, and beauty.

Growing the Family

From the Petrof family, Cristofori welcomes the following lines of upright and grand pianos:

ANT. PETROF : Petrof’s most preeminent signature line and a tribute to the Petrof brand founder Antonín Petrof. A wealth of modern equipment combined with 160 years of Czech piano-making tradition. The 3 most majestic models of ANT. PETROF pianos, built with premium quality materials and meticulous hand-craftsmanship, have made their way to the homes and the world’s most prestigious concert halls.


PETROF : The largest piano maker in the Czech Republic and one of the oldest in the world. With the head office, R&D, and production plant firmly rooted in the company’s hometown of Hradec Králové, PETROF currently manufactures their grand piano models, ranging from the standard Bora, Breeze, and Storm to the top-of-the-line Pasat, Monsoon, and Mistral, along with a premier lineup of upright piano models.

Whatever model you choose from the PETROF upright models, they are primed to accompany you every day and in every step of your musical endeavours whether you are practising for exams or rehearsing for concerts.


RÖSLER :  Owned and designed by PETROF, RÖSLER piano has its origins in the Czech Republic dating back to 1878. Over the past 150 years, the company has enjoyed steadfast growth under the management of its founder Gustav Rösler and his family members whose expertise in piano and piano making has ensured their continued success and continuity in the European market until the brand was taken over by the prestigious piano maker PETROF.

Today, as a PETROF family brand, ROSLER pianos proudly uphold the rich and authentic European sound qualities, epitomizing the cherished essence of the Sound of Europe.


These masterpieces of piano craftsmanship will be available to try and purchase at Cristofori Academy of Fine Arts at the Grand Opening on 27th May 2024! Visit us at 7 Holland Village Way, #02-17/18 One Holland Village (Singapore 275748).

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