There’s a distinct and timeless charm that captivates those who appreciate the European piano sound, and this is precisely the mission of the Cristofori Academy of Fine Arts – to bring the Sound of Europe to Singapore, and to deliver its beauty to our customers. The School equips itself with world-class instruments synonymous with the finest European pianos.

On May 27th, 2024, the Cristofori Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) at the Petrof & Rösler Gallery in Singapore celebrated its grand opening ceremony. Our Director, Ms. Wong Mee Ching, honored the event by kicking off the celebration with the activation of a Bohemian-style gramophone. As part of the Opening Exclusive Specials, this same Bohemian-style Gramophone comes as a complimentary gift with Petrof and Rösler pianos. The gramophone features Bluetooth connectivity, a 3.5mm Audio connection, USB playing and charging, FM radio, and even a CD player! It will surely add a touch of old-world elegance with modern functionality to any home.

Celebrating the Sound of Europe


The festivities included a thrilling lion dance performance to usher in prosperity, and to set an energetic tone for the event. A series of musical performances showcased the illustrious Petrof P159 Bora piano, alongside captivating violin and guitar performances, immersing attendees in the enchanting sounds of Europe in a richly designed interior reminiscent of the parlors of Vienna or Paris – just like in the days of the great composers.

Debut of Petrof Pianos in Singapore!

The Petrof Bora P159 5’3″ baby grand piano played for the event’s entertainment was a highlight of the day. This remarkable instrument enthralled the audience in its Singapore debut with its stunningly clear and rich tone, defying expectations with its depth and bass, given its compact size. Handcrafted with 152 years of family-owned craftsmanship, the Petrof Bora P159 offers a unique and sensitive touch with superb singing tones.

After the performances, attendees enjoyed the opportunity to play and experience the exceptional sound of Petrof and Rösler pianos firsthand, appreciating the fine craftsmanship and tonal quality of these world-class instruments. Renowned for their craftsmanship, precision, and rich tonal qualities, pianos from esteemed makers such as Petrof, Rösler, and select models from C. Bechstein, W. Hoffmann, and Seiler offer a musical journey unlike any other. 

We are so happy to be able to bring these prestigious pianos for the whole of Singapore to experience!

To sample and try all these wonderful masterpieces of piano craftsmanship yourself, visit Cristofori Academy of Fine Arts at the Petrof & Rösler Gallery (7 Holland Village Way, #02-17/18 One Holland Village, S275748), and our knowledgeable staff will be on-hand to guide you!

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