The iconic white piano at Tan Tock Seng Hospital (TTSH) just got an upgrade! – Cristofori first donated a white piano to TTSH 17 years ago and that piano went on to become an unofficial landmark of the hospital premises. In 2024, the occasion of the Hospital’s 180th Founder’s Day Celebration was commemorated with the donation of a brand new Kayserburg GH160 5′ 3″ Heritage Series Baby Grand Piano – in white, of course!

The Kayserburg GH160 baby grand piano seamlessly blends vintage elegance with modern precision, and in a glossy white finish, it is truly a stunning sight! This piano, designed by European experts and crafted with German ingenuity, sets a new standard in fine musical craftsmanship. Key features include solid maple capped bridges, cross-laminated hard rock maple pin blocks, and premium Roslau strings from Germany. Its tapered soundboard, made from European quarter-sawn spruce, ensures superior dynamic range and sustain. The piano also boasts Renner hammers for resilience and cut-thread tuning pins for precise control. With its exceptional balance and response, the Kayserburg GH160 is perfect for the discerning pianist seeking both beauty and performance, making it the piano of choice for this donation.

The white piano at TTSH has long been a cherished fixture in the hospital’s atrium, inviting the public, staff, and patients to sit and play. It has become a popular meeting spot, with people often saying, “I’ll see you at the white piano.” This beloved instrument has even earned its own hashtag on Instagram, affirming its integral role in the hospital community. You can find various videos of the white piano on the TTSH Instagram profile story highlights. The iconic white piano at TTSH also features in some videos circulating online, and is listed on directories of Public Pianos available in Singapore.

On 6 February 2006 Tan Tock Seng Hospital’s Art of Healing programme was launched by then-Minister for Health Mr. Khaw Boon Wan, with the aim to transform the hospital environment into a warm and welcoming place of healing by incorporating the arts as a form of therapy. This initiative brings art exhibitions and performances to soothe patients and aid their recovery. While not a substitute for conventional medicine, the program allows patients to enjoy art during their stay. Additionally, it supports the local arts scene by partnering with various arts and performing groups, providing a multicultural experience for patients and staff.

This initiative aligns with a growing trend in healthcare settings worldwide to incorporate the arts into patient care. Hospitals are increasingly recognizing the positive effects of music and other art forms on well-being. At TTSH, the white piano is often played by volunteers, including talented musicians from the community, hospital staff, and even patients who wish to share their love for music.

As it is Cristofori’s mission to to fill the joy of Music into every household through holistic musical education and quality musical instruments, there was no question in our mind to support and be a part of TTSH’s efforts to bring music and to give back to the community.

Moving forward, the new Kayserburg GH160 will be the centerpiece for all music-related events at Tan Tock Seng Hospital. Stay Tuned to our Blog to watch a short interview with Trudy Zhang, the PIC for the Art of Healing Program at TTSH.

To see the Kayserburg GH160 in action, pop over to Kayserburg Music School (KMS) at 70 Stamford Rd, #B1-46 SMU Li Ka Shing Library Building, Singapore 178901 – you can call ahead for an appointment too! Just reach out to KMS via call or WhatsApp to 8766 0632.