We are excited to announce the Fifth Pearl River “Amason Award” Pop Piano International Competition for 2024! This prestigious event aims to promote the development of pop piano music, providing a global stage for pianists to showcase their talents and for music lovers to appreciate and exchange experiences.

Organized by Kayserburg Music School in Singapore, the official partner of this year’s competition, the event not only inspires students to strive for excellence but also offers opportunities for communication, learning, and growth.

Why Participate?

There are many reasons to participate in competitions: valuable performing experience, a chance to play live on stage, meeting others with shared interests, and a personal benchmark or challenge to oneself! Skills enhancement and confidence building are just some of the benefits of joining competitions, and the Pearl River Amazon Award Pop Piano International Competition is an ideal stepping stone for young pianists in the Southeast Asia Region. What’s more, Regional winners have a chance to compete in the International Grand Finals in Guangzhou, China!

  • Showcase Your Talent: Perform on an international stage and receive honors and rewards that can further ignite your creative passion and expressiveness.
  • Global Exchange: Share skills and experiences with pianists from around the world, expanding your interpersonal relationships and music circles.
  • Cultural Promotion: Contribute to the popularization and development of pop piano music, attracting more young people to explore and learn this vibrant genre.

About the Competition: Participants will have the opportunity to compete and demonstrate their personal talents. The winners will be honored with rewards, which will further encourage their passion for creativity and performance improvement. This competition fosters international cultural exchanges and cooperation, bringing together piano enthusiasts from all corners of the globe.


About Kayserburg Music School’s Focus: In line with the competition, Kayserburg Music School offers a specialized piano course to develop students’ piano playing skills and musical expression abilities. The course will cover:

  • Music Theory
  • Rhythm Development
  • Chord Playing Skills
  • Improvisation Techniques

These aspects aim to help students master a diverse range of piano styles and repertoire, and enhance their understanding and expression of various music styles. Through personalized teaching methods and rich resources, the course will inspire students to become creative and expressive modern pianists.

Stay tuned for even more details about the competition! We look forward to seeing you showcase your talents and join us in celebrating the vibrant world of pop piano music!