In 1980, CRISTOFORI Music opened the first Piano Technological Centre at Joo Chiat Road focusing on piano repair and servicing. Today, you can locate our centres at more than 30 places in Singapore where you can learn music or get a reliable musical instrument for making music.

1980 – The first CRISTOFORI Music School opens


The Italian name comes from the inventor of the Pianoforte, Bartholoemeo Cristofori, in Florence, Italy during the 18th Century.  We began to sell the first CRISTOFORI piano P-4C & PC-5C. It was the beginning of a great dream to make the piano the most popular musical instrument in our tropical country.

1990 – CRISTOFORI expands to 10 Music Schools


Every new school is a progress towards our mission of bringing a piano into every household so that everyone can learn and play music. Under the leadership of Mr. J.B Wong, the Founder and Managing Director, he sees an unlimited potential of classical music in Singapore and steer the company to prepare for the new challenges of the new millennium. CRISTOFORI’s vision of Singapore transforming into the Renaissance City of Asia was beginning to come true.

2000 – More than 20 Music Schools in the New Century


With schools also located in various major heartland shopping malls, CRISTOFORI becomes Singapore’s first Homegrown Heritage Music Company. The Italian name CRISTOFORI this Italian name has become “localized” as our schools are now over the islands with 35 centers and we have more than 15,000 students.

2010 – CRISTOFORI Goes Global


CRISTOFORI shines on the international stage, manufacturing our own pianos, violins and guitars, and even participating in the Music China, the World’s Largest International Music Fair in Shanghai, China, CRISTOFORI’s range of musical instruments continues to expand from classical pianos, violins, guitars to contemporary musical instruments like electric guitars, synthesizers and more. An unstoppable force, we strive to bring music to the people in more ways than ever.