Music Theory Course

The foundation of a well-rounded musician.

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Popular Music Theory

  • An alternative to becoming a well rounded musician and deepening your understanding of music for effective musical communications
  • Introduces all band instruments and styles
  • Rockschool Popular Music Theory Syllabus is written by music education specialist, it involves many diverse elements of a music that advances your musicianship and improvisation abilities.
  • Recognised internationally and academically vigorous qualification.

Classical Music Theory

  • Based on The Associated Board of Royal School of Musics (ABRSM) Graded Exam syllabus.
  • A tool designed to help improve your melody writing and music theory knowledge and understanding.
  • Music theory knowledge is essential in playing music with understanding, in interpreting piano pieces and in interpreting scores and styles.



Class Administration

Age 5 years old and above
Class Size Individual/Group
Lesson Duration 30 minutes (Individual)
60 minutes (Group)
Course Duration 12 – 18 months to complete each grade