Violin Course

Body in mind – learn to play violin beautifully.


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  • CRISTOFORI violin lesson educates students to explore violin sound, from basic to advanced techniques that bring out the beautiful sounds from the most versatile instrument.
  • Learn to play some of the best and most exciting repertoire for young violinists packed with lively original tunes, easy duets, classical & traditional pieces.
  • Adopt Suzuki, Dalcroze inspired methods for the young children, involve students aurally and kinaesthetically, in an enriching learning experience.
  • Students will be provided the opportunity to take lessons in Masterclass. After completing the fundamental, students have the opportunity to take part in ensemble lesson where they will learn the art of playing in a string ensemble and how to interact with their musical peers.


Class Administration

Age 5 years old and above
Class Size Individual/Group
Lesson Duration 30 or 60 minutes (Individual)
60 minutes (Group)
Course Duration 12 – 18 months to complete each grade