Unlock your child’s potential with CRISTOFORI’S violin lessons

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Why you should choose CRISTOFORI’s violin lessons over others

Unique opportunities via violin enrichment programs

After completing the fundamental violin course, our students have the opportunity to take part in ensemble Violin Lessons – here, they learn the art of playing in a string ensemble and how to interact with their musical peers.

Meticulously curated repertoire and curriculum

Our dedicated teachers consistently fuel the passion and yearning for the next Violin Lessons. We do this by incorporating the best and most exciting repertoire for our students, including lively original tunes, easy duets & classical pieces

Unmatched accessibility and versatility

With as many as 38 music schools across Singapore, our students can learn at a CRISTOFORI Music School Violin Class close to them

CRISTOFORI’S beginner-friendly violin course structure

From basic techniques to ensemble enrichment, our comprehensive violin course structure is an excellent introduction to the world of violin playing. While a high number of students start between age 4-8, CRISTOFORI’s Violin Teacher welcome students of all ages and playing levels.


A. Fundamental Violin Lessons

This is where the very first foundations of violin playing are formed.
Students age 8 & below will start with the standard curriculum of Fiddle Time Starter and Jogger
Dedicated Violin Teacher will assist on suitable books for students based on level or age
Graded students of Grade 1 and above will be using the renowned Suzuki curriculum
Average pace of 9-18 months to complete course, depending on learning capability and practice

B. Graded Violin Lessons

Classical violin (ABRSM Diploma)
Enjoy a comprehensive, fully-covered progression pathway, from pure beginner to diploma level
Be guided by our close collaboration with ABRSM – the world’s leading and accredited exam body for classical music
Learn via the world’s most acknowledged music education methods – Suzuki and Dalcroze to train you aurally and kinaesthetically in an enriching learning experience
Experience CRISTOFORI’s performing opportunities at CRISTOFORI’s students’ recital annually as a platform to showcase your learnings

C. Enrichment Program

CRISTOFORI’s violin masterclass & violin ensemble

This is a rare opportunity for students who have completed the fundamental courses to participate in an ensemble Violin Class.

Here, students will undergo a hands-on experience of playing in a string ensemble and working together harmoniously with their musical peers. This develops musical skills and interaction such as: Tone, Tuning, Technique, Balance, Rhythm, Dynamics, Articulation and Expression.

CRISTOFORI’s Course Brochure

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Practical and theory come hand-in-hand

Every violinist needs a foundation of music theory to quicken learning. Our theory courses deliver the knowledge and basis of lifelong violin mastery.