About Us

Singapore’s Heritage Homegrown Music Company

Over the years, we held firmly to our belief in producing quality musical instruments, selling at the most reasonable prices. And we value all customers like our best friends.


CRISTOFORI – A Global Brand that moves our life with music and passion.


We fill the joy of Music into every household, through quality musical instruments and holistic music education.

The CRISTOFORI story began in 1980 when Mr. J.B. Wong, Founder of CRISTOFORI Music opened the first CRISTOFORI Piano Technology Company in Joo Chiat, a conservation district in Singapore that is known for its rich heritage architecture.

With a vision to transform Singapore into the Renaissance City of Asia through music, CRISTOFORI aimed to provide a wide range of high quality and reliable musical instruments at the lowest prices so that everyone can afford to own a musical instrument for learning and playing music.

30 years later, CRISTOFORI has grown to become the largest piano company and music school in Singapore with a network of over 30 centres island-wide. Over the years, we have satisfied more than 60,000 piano customers and taught over a million students to play music.

Today, CRISTOFORI is emerging as one of the new players in the international scene, expanding our network to a global scale with our popular range of quality musical instruments and extensive knowledge of pianos, touching the lives of people around the world with Music • Passion • Life.

Education Philosophy

The Whole Person Theory

At CRISTOFORI, we have created the Whole Person educational approach, which focuses on three aspects: academic skills, learning skills and the awareness of the learning process itself. In other words, our students are trained not to be spoon-fed and seek knowledge actively. They learn how to listen, learn and organise information into knowledge. As such, students will gain analytical skills, concentration and abstract thinking skills.




Humanity Education

The core element in our Whole Person education philosophy is humanity education. We aim to cultivate educated and gracious young adults through cultural and social events such as our major annual events, the GIL program and numerous community involvement projects. We seek to nurture a generation of proactive, positive, creative and spiritually rich citizens.