When is the Best Time to Start Piano Classes for Kids

A piano is an acoustic, stringed musical apparatus that originated in Italy around 1700 by Bartolomeo Cristofori. Struck by wooden hammers coated with a softer material are their strings, while modern hammers are with dense wool felt. Some early pianos used leather. They played it on a keyboard, a row

Learning Ukulele the Right Way

The Ukulele is a four-stringed wooden musical instrument that resembles a small classical guitar. Although English speakers pronounce it “you-ka-ley-ley,” the spelling is an anglicized version of the original Hawaiian pronunciation, “ju-ke-lei-li.” The ukelele is a fun, light-weight, easy-to-learn instrument that can also serve as an excellent introduction to learning

Learn Violin Fast: Get Better at Playing Violin

The violin is a bowed stringed instrument that evolved during the Renaissance from earlier bowed instruments such as the medieval fiddle, the lira da braccio, and the rebec. The violin is most likely the most well-known and widely distributed musical instrument in the world. Many adults want to learn to

The Complete Guide to Taking Drums Lessons in Singapore

A drum is a musical instrument whose sound is by the vibration of a stretched membrane. It is a membranophone within the larger category of percussion instruments. A drum is essentially a tube or a bowl of wood, metal, or pottery covered at one or both ends by a membrane,

5 Most Common Guitar Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

Learning the anatomy of the guitar, the names of the guitar strings, how to tune a guitar, and the secrets of guitar posture to help improve your rhythm and musicality. Guitar scales, chords, and songs are essential—and serves as the number one secret to learning to play the guitar quickly.

How To Choose A Good German Piano Shop in Singapore

Getting serious about learning how to play the piano is a good sign that you want to advance your music career. However, if you really are ready to embark on your new musical journey, you have to choose the best German piano in Singapore to buy. There aren’t many authentic

Learn From the Best, Violin Lessons In Singapore

Ever since its birth 40 years ago, Cristofori has thrived to become one of Singapore’s best music schools. Due to its top-of-the-line musical education, thousands of clients had been satisfied with its services. Everything you need to know about violin lesson fees Singapore has to offer can be found on

What You Need To Know About Playing Drums

Choosing the right drum set could be challenging if you have no idea what to look for. When aspiring drummers go to a music store to buy their first-ever set, they have too many qualifications, so they always find it hard to choose just one. However, if you know the

Place For Best Piano Lessons In Singapore

Parents naturally want the best for their kids. Hence, if your child showed interest in learning the piano, don’t let the chance of having a professional pianist in the family skip away. Urge your kids to start pressing those keys and making beautiful music and melodies. But would letting them

Guitar Lesson for Beginners in Singapore

Cristofori was established in the music industry in Singapore four decades ago. And during its 40 years in the service, its ability to provide top-of-the-line musical education is out of the question. Everything you need to know about electric guitar lessons Singapore has to offer can be found at Cristofori.

3 Steps to Follow When Choosing an Acoustic Guitar

you should have a clearer idea of which type of guitar (Acoustic or Classical) is suitable for you after reading 3 Things to Consider Before Learning and/or Purchasing a Guitar. If you have yet to read that article, perhaps you might find it useful – 3 Things to Consider Before

3 Things to Consider Before Learning and/or Purchasing a Guitar

Accessibility and portability are the two main factors that makes guitar a highly sought out musical instrument to learn. You just need a guitar and start performing anywhere (with a permit)! However, did you know that there is more than one type of guitar? Most of the street performers in

5 Tips for Taking Ukulele Classes in Singapore

Learning how to play the ukulele is an excellent way to de-stress. However, finding the best ukulele class Singapore to enroll in is a very daunting task because you have to consider many things. People often get scared to try out ukulele lessons because of misinformation and fear of choosing

What You should Look Out in A Piano

Thinking of purchasing a piano but unsure of what to look out for? Don’t fret! Choosing a piano is not as difficult as it seems. As Singapore’s largest piano store, we deal with numerous questions regarding piano purchase on a daily basis. Here are some pointers that will breeze you

Importance of Tuning Regularly

“Is it really necessary to tune my piano once every 6 months?” is a common doubt that many piano owners face. A common misconception is that piano tuning is a marketing gimmick used by piano manufacturers to continuously profit from the sales. However, this cannot be any further away from

Importance of Practicing

Whenever students hear the word “practice”, they often show signs of agony. Againnnnn! As they are at the stage of processing various new knowledge, practice is crucial to form a strong foundation in the arena. Be it academically wise or musically wise, practice will strengthen muscle memory, enabling students to

Learn Piano in Singapore: Love for the Relaxing Music of Piano

You must be wondering why instrumental piano songs always pop out on top of every internet search whenever you try searching for relaxing music. If truth be told, piano, among other musical instruments, gives off very relaxing music that could take away our emotional stress and troubles. We often find

Is Your Child Ready to Take Drum Lessons?

Seeing your child humming, tapping the table, or headbanging doesn’t always mean he is ready to take drum lessons yet. However, this indication may be your stepping stone in honing a special music skill for your child. There are several considerations that parents like you need to contemplate when enrolling

Is The Violin A Difficult Instrument To Learn?

You might be wondering whether learning the violin is too late for an adult like you. As most musicians claim, children start learning this string instrument at an early age because it is challenging to learn and master. It takes years of diligent practice and determination to master the art

Ukulele Beginner Lessons – Learn to Play and Tune

You don’t have to be Hawaiian to strum that beat or tap that tune. You only need a fine-tuned ukulele that will create that upbeat music. Before enrolling in Ukulele Lessons in Singapore, why don’t you learn how to tune and play your ukulele as if you’re on the Hawaiian

How To Make Piano Learning Interesting

It’s challenging to learn something that you aren’t passionate about, especially when you don’t have a strong reason for learning it. Learning piano in Singapore might be challenging for some children, especially that it can get tedious or dull over time. However, the joy of learning music is always inevitable.

5 Amazing Benefits of Taking Drum Lessons

Despite many naysayers, it’s never too early or too late to learn a new instrument! Whether it’s about you picking up the instrument you’ve always dreamed of playing or for your children to pick up a hobby after school, learning the drums is an excellent and beneficial way to start

Is It Too Late to Start Piano Lessons For Adults?

If there’s one thing that many of us regret not starting earlier in life, it’s learning how to play the piano. Few instruments out there can create or inspire beautiful music like the piano. Its universally-loved nature has a knack of producing exceptional young talents – after all, the one

5 tips to find the right violin school in Singapore

Thinking of starting violin classes? This is often the most exciting stage of your journey in learning how to play the violin! Of course, choosing the right violin school as well as the right teacher will impart lifelong benefits to your violin and music skills. The right type of teacher

The consumer guide to getting a good piano in Singapore

You could ask us for a thousand reasons why we love playing the piano and why it benefits our lives – but let’s face it, we just love it beyond reason! Of course, there are scientifically proven benefits to playing the piano as well. It sharpens fine motor skills, improves

10 Basics for Learning Acoustic Guitar for Beginners

It’s been widely researched that guitar players’ brains work a touch differently to everyone else’s, and it’s not surprising at all! Learning and playing the acoustic guitar has shown to promote relaxation and improve concentration, especially among children. The art of learning to play the chords and skim musical composition