11 June 2023 – Hailed by critics as a “true poet of the piano”, Korean pianist William Youn certainly transported the audience to a sonic landscape filled with a mix of tranquility, longing, and perhaps a touch of trepidation at the uncertainties of life (but with the sense that everything will be alright in spite of that) with his performance of a specially curated selection of Franz Schubert’s masterpieces alongside a sprinkling from Maurice Ravel’s “Miroirs” piano suite.

The music of Franz Schubert holds a special place in William Youn’s heart. His evident devotion to Schubert’s music was palpable in his performance as he brought to life the stories hidden within the melodies. “What fascinates me most in Schubert’s music is its power. He composes in a very humble, natural, almost unforced way. When his music starts, it speaks to our soul immediately.” says Youn. He has also shared that in the face of the recent Covid-19 pandemic, it was Schubert’s music that consoled him the most, “It’s so personal and intimate. When you play his music, you don’t feel so lonely.”

As Music Press Asia’s editor-in-chief Monica Tong puts it, and we must say, this very precisely summarizes our experience at “Echoes of Silence”:

“William Youn’s interpretation of Schubert’s piano sonatas felt just like a sweet bedtime story. In all its clarity, he expresses the gentleness and deepest longings of Schubert’s and ultimately all of ours too.”

Paired with the sound of the Bechstein D282 Concert Grand Piano that evening, we were delighted to be able to hear every note of  William Youn’s playing.

The concert was attended by Mr Park Jinho and his wife. Mr Park is Deputy Head of Mission and Counselor General from the Embassy of the Republic of Korea to the Republic of Singapore.

William Youn’s Debut Recital in Singapore has definitely caught our attention and touched our hearts & souls. We look forward to seeing him again in Singapore!

William Youn’s CD Albums “Schubert Piano Sonatas” Vol. II and Vol. III are available to purchase at Bechstein Music World at 7 Shenton Way #02-01 Singapore Conference Hall. For enquiries, call 6951 0638, or WhatsApp 8766 0638.

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William Youn – Schubert Piano Sonatas Vol. II

William Youn – Schubert Piano Sonatas Vol.III