Despite many naysayers, it’s never too early or too late to learn a new instrument! Whether it’s about you picking up the instrument you’ve always dreamed of playing or for your children to pick up a hobby after school, learning the drums is an excellent and beneficial way to start your musical journey!

But what about the noise, you say? Well, here’s a solution – you can start with a digital drum set before transitioning to a full drum set with your newly learned skills!

In this article, let’s explore the 7 amazing benefits of taking drum lessons and why CRISTOFORI is the best place to start!

1. Refine your ability to focus

While most instruments can be said to help improve focus, drums lessons are particularly effective. This is because as you practice, you must deliver 100% of your focus on the pattern you are playing.

Eventually, students will be able to concentrate on more complex drumming patterns, even when faced with a myriad of distractions. You should find that their ability to focus, in general, will improve after a few weeks or months of drum lessons!

2. Releases stress and anxiety from life

Learning to play the drums are decidedly more physical than many other instruments. That’s why banging around on the drums can be a great stress reliever after a busy or challenging day at school or at work!

It is a therapeutic method to use the drums to unwind and relax, with many studies out there that show playing drums releases endorphins to make us relaxed and happier!

3. It’s a great form of mental exercise

It’s a known fact that playing instruments improve creativity, but did you know that it’s also a workout for your entire brain?

While other forms of activity such as running or reading stimulate some parts of your brain more heavily than another, playing the drums is a workout for all parts, such as thinking creatively, being logical with your choice of notes and the physical movements of your hands and feet!

This unique mental exercise helps you become more coordinated and allows you to activate your brain’s capacity much better! For example, using your hands and feet in conjunction with a good rhythm is helpful when translated into other areas.

4. It makes your body stronger and fitter

Unlike many other instruments, playing drums can often leave you in a huff and make you sweat!

As one of the more physically demanding instruments out there, playing the drum for an hour can burn more than 250 calories! That makes learning and playing the drum a great source of exercise, even for children.

5. You get the chance to socialise and make friends

At music centres like CRISTOFORI, we offer drum lessons in Singapore that can bring students together to play and learn the drums in a social setting.

This is important because the drum is considered a core part of a band and increasing your skill and proficiency in drums will allow you to take part in musical groups or bands to play music!

Playing music together is also a great way to forge lasting friendships with your fellow musical mates when you play together! Not only can you form your unique group of close musician friends, but you can also have more events to socialise with each other such as attending shows, weekly jam sessions or even perform locally.

Choose CRISTOFORI for your beginner drum lessons

CRISTOFORI is the best place to learn drums in Singapore. With over 40 years of teaching and 200,000 successful students, we have created an education philosophy that takes the Whole Person Theory approach that focuses on three aspects: academic skills, learning skills and the awareness of the training process itself.

In other words, our students are trained not to be spoon-fed but to seek knowledge and help actively. They find out how to concentrate, learn and organise information into knowledge. As such, students will gain analytical skills, concentration, and abstract thinking skills.

Over the years, we also held firmly to our belief of producing quality musical instruments and selling them at the most reasonable prices.