A drum is a musical instrument whose sound is by the vibration of a stretched membrane. It is a membranophone within the larger category of percussion instruments. A drum is essentially a tube or a bowl of wood, metal, or pottery covered at one or both ends by a membrane, and the person will be playing it with a hand or a stick.

Drum Lesson Singapore: The Basics

You can improve skills that will help you become a better drummer by practicing. Drumming will also help you excel in many other areas of your life that require rhythm, memorization, and hand-eye coordination. Drumming can improve your performance as a student, partner, and employee.



When a drummer lacks timing, he throws off his entire band, and no matter how good his bandmates are, they sound terrible.


Apart from playing a beat, a drummer must also play that same beat consistently throughout the song because the repetitive nature makes a song catchy unless you’re playing progressive music.


Because dedication brings a drummer or any musician to the level he or she desires, there are no shortcuts. You can’t just hold a pair of sticks and expect to be Mike Portnoy; practice makes perfect. Set aside at minimum an hour per day to get started, and you’ll be rockin’ in no time.

Learning how to count music can help your child’s math skills. You should spend two hours on your drum pad for every hour spent in drum lessons. With dedication, aptitude, and hard work, you will be able to learn and play the drums properly – which is a duration of 10 months to 1 year, and to become skillful in 18 months to 2 years to become truly proficient.

High-Quality Drum Lessons in Singapore

If you’re not sure how to properly establish your drumming journey, then this article will help. To make things easier for you, dear beginner drummer, looking for advice and tips in a step-by-step tutorial. Follow these steps, and you’ll be able to play the drums in no time.


Learn how to hold drumsticks

It’s time to start practicing. To do that properly, you must first understand how to hold your drum sticks (don’t worry, it’s a simple one):

  1. Start by raising your hands at your edge and placing one stick in your right hand with your left hand.
  2. Next, press the stick with the flat part of your thumb and wrap the rest of your fingers around it. You can now proceed to place the next drumstick in your hand.
  3. It would help if you gripped the drumsticks behind the balance point or in the middle of the stick. Although there are a few different methods to use your sticks to execute your drums, you’ll have enough time to experiment and figure out what works best for you as a beginner!

Understand rudiments

You’ll be ready to play your first essential rhythm as a drummer at this point. Don’t worry; it’s not difficult; it just takes some time to adjust. Also, don’t dismiss this fundamental. While you’re only performing the snare drum – or your practice pad or cushion – right now, you can later make this one simple rhythmic pattern sound like this.

Get to know your drum kit

Once you’ve purchased your first drum kit, become acquainted with its various components. It is required both to play them like a pro and to care for them.

CRISTOFORI is having an offer where if any of their customers purchased a Digital Drum, it comes with a complimentary 45 minutes product coaching where their staff educate on the uses and functions of the digital drum itself.

TeacherPhoto3Find a good teacher

Finding a good drum teacher is perhaps the most critical step in learning to play the drums for beginners. 

Seek out friends to play with together

As a beginning drummer, it is essential to surround yourself with other drummers. It will not only allow you to share your thoughts and opinions on your progress, but it will also encourage you to play together and improve your skillset. Plus, you’ll meet new people in the process.

So look for a community drumming group, a school or community orchestra, or a brass band in your neighborhood. Then come together and let the magic happen.

Practice reading drum sheets

It is the final and optional step, as technically, you do not need to know sheet music to play the drums. On the other hand, you learned to read sheet music. Most music groups, for example, essential that every musician knows their part – and this is much effortless to achieve if every player can read what’s on their sheets. It saves you from memorizing the songs of a local band, which can take several weeks before you can even begin to play together.

Drum Lessons and Music Tutorials

CRISTOFORI’s music programs provide a supportive environment in which students of all skill levels can feel at ease while learning to play the drums. In CRISTOFORI, the drums lessons here are conducted accordingly to Rockschool (UK Accredited) Music Exam Board Syllabus, which they are focused on helping out all students from Beginner to Grade 8, to prepare for their Rockschool Graded Music Exam.

To immerse all students into the full experience of fun and learning of playing a drum, CRISTOFORI’s drum lessons provide students with the full opportunity to learn by using the 5-piece drum set, instead of simply just playing on a hand drum or drum percussion which limits the learning capability.



It provides beginners with simple yet effective drum lessons that skip entry-level pad training. Students get backing a drum kit during their first lesson to begin learning how to play the drums. Students will learn drum fills and solos fundamentals through private drum lessons, group rehearsals, and live performances.

Intermediate to Advanced

When a student advances beyond beginner drum lessons, they will enroll in one of the intermediate to advanced drum lessons programs setting them on the path to mastery. CRISTOFORI’s expert drum teachers usher students through advanced drumming techniques and training approaches during weekly private drum lessons for adults and group rehearsals to make them more skilled drummers. Intermediate grooves, shifts, and meters are taught and drilled until they master them. Drummers will eventually be assigned to bands and perform in live shows at the end of each session.

To further your drumming skills, CRISTOFORI believes that it is essential for their students to take part in recitals and competitions as this helps them to enhance their learning. They provide the opportunities for all their drum students where they can take part in drum competitions and Got Talent, which they can all showcase their drumming talents and skills.


CRISTOFORI’s student’s health and safety are their highest priorities. In addition to in-person socially-distanced classes, CRISTOFORI offers online music lessons. Students who choose to take drum lessons online use the same well-known, patent-protected curriculum.

Primary Students

It is never too early to establish learning to play music. It provides a tried-and-true method for teaching even the youngest students in CRISTOFORI’s program musical proficiency. These introductory lessons teach preschoolers how to play the drums and other instruments using hand percussion and tools that stimulate their imagination.


It is the world’s most popular program for teaching children to play the drums. Children learn to perform the drums and eventually play their favorite songs in a fun, supportive, and comfortable environment through private drum lessons for kids and group rehearsals.


Learning to play the drums gives teenagers a creative outlet, making it fun, quick, and rewarding. Students learn to play the drums in CRISTOFORI’s innovative programs through private lessons, group rehearsals, and live band performances of famous pop songs.


By drumming to popular rock favorites, you learn to play the drums for adults as effectively.  CRISTOFORI’s adult program also provides the learning options of their students participating in band or solo practice, which comes along with backing track accompaniment on stage.

The Bottom Line

Learning a new skill is difficult enough. It should not be an enigma as to WHAT to practice. CRISTOFORI delivers the proper lesson at the right time, every time, thanks to an organized 10-level curriculum that takes you from your first lesson to playing anything you want!