Falling in love with music is a natural phenomenon for millions of people in the world – and the piano is one of the most popular ways that music is expressed. If you’ve got yourself a new piano, it’s time to learn how to make some beautiful music!

However, that’s often easier said than done – there are so many things to learn before you will be able to play a complete song on the piano! If you’ve ever wondered what is the best way to learn piano by yourself, or what is the best piano learning app for adults, this article has got you covered!

Piano Lessons: Still The Best Way to Learn Piano


You can learn a lot about the piano on your own. But this can limit your progress, and you’ll soon find that your learning curve is slow or even hindered. Sometimes it helps to find a teacher to help you learn!

Finding an expert will give you a partner in your learning. They know the tips and tricks that can help make your learning process easier.

You also have someone that can look over your shoulder to make sure you are doing things right. Sure, you may be producing the sound you’re going for when playing your music. But are you using the proper technique?

A teacher will be able to make sure you do things right, so you don’t have to correct yourself in the future. It’s easier to learn the right way to do things the first time around!

What are the Other Best Ways to Learn Piano?

Learn The Basics

It may seem obvious but start with the basics. Sometimes we want to jump straight in and try to see how far we can go in the beginning. But if you don’t start simple first, you can burn yourself out from failure or injure your hands because they don’t have the stamina to handle more complex music.

The first thing you need to focus on when playing is posture. You will be doing a lot of repetitive motions. Good posture will help reduce the strain on your hands and wrists when you are playing.

Once you are sitting correctly, focus on learning the basic techniques. You need to perfect your form in the beginning.

Once you have learned proper form, focus on learning the primary rhythms and cords that make up the songs you want to practice.

shutterstock_187206446Set A Practice Schedule and Stick with It

Practice makes perfect. If you don’t invest the time to learn a skill, then you aren’t going to go anywhere with it.

If you want to become good, then you need to put in the hours. Try to practice the same amount of time every day and don’t stop.

The more work you do, the better you’re going to get.

Apply The 80/20 Principle

The 80/20 principle has become popular in business and skill development. It’s a simple principle when you take a look at it.

The idea is that 80% of your progress will come from 20% of the work you do. How does knowing this help though?

Don’t put all your efforts into learning every piano skill you can. Only focus on the skills that once you master will make everything else you learn easier.

You can also use this principle to play the music you want to focus on. Chances are what you want to play only uses a subset of the types of playing out there. Focus on what you need to know to play the music you enjoy.

Play In the Beginningshutterstock_279568415

You aren’t a master musician yet. It’s okay if you don’t play your music fast.

Before you start working on speed, make sure you are accurate. Spend your time making sure you hit all the right notes.

As you rack of practice time, muscle memory will start kicking in. When this happens, you should see your speed begin to get better.

Until then, take things slow and do things right.

Practice with Music You Enjoy

You didn’t start to learn a new instrument to have a miserable time. You want to have fun. When you practice, make sure you are working towards progressing with the songs you love.

Pop is an easy genre of music to pick up. This music has simple melodies that aren’t hard to understand. They’re catchy too and won’t be too dull to keep playing.

There are also several beginner piano songs that are catchy and good for practice. Learn what these are and use them to practice your technique.


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